Preparing For Natural Disasters

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As we have now entered Hurricane season here in the state of Florida, it's become very apparent that people should be preparing for the worst. Every year we suffer through some sort of major storm here in the great state of Florida, but with the economy the way it is, it's very likely that if a large storm came at us, we will not be as prepared.

The family has slowly become more active during hurricane season. Families and friends come together during natural disasters so we want to continue to support them whenever trouble strikes. A few years back, my family offered a warehouse for friends and family to keep their vehicles in during a major storm. They also opened up their house to them too. We always try to help someone out.

Other than helping people with shelter and protecting their properties from serious damage, we've also prepared food for people and donated non-perishables. We want to continue to do all of this and maybe expand to assist strangers. With hurricane season already here it may be a little too late, but we're going to have some crypto in reserve for natural disasters and emergencies. It's better late than never, and starting now before dangerous storms come is better than starting after. There are a lot of things that we want to do for people, but sadly we do need the public's financial support.

If you would like to help us then please donate some crypto to us by sending it via the Hive-engine. If not, you can also support us by liking this post and following us right here on Hive. Hive is the main social network where we make announcements and publish updates. Please support us in anyway that you can!

Some of the rewards from this post will be sold for Bitcoin Cash (swap.BCH) to build up the financial reserves in the Hive-Engine. Our Bitcoin Cash reserves will be used primarily to prepare for natural disasters.


We hope to continue to expand our holdings as time goes on!

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