A Proposal For A Charity On Hive App

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Hello Friends of charity, Hello Hivers,

Our CharityOnHive Community has gathered a lot of ideas in the last two weeks. We created a first kind of manifest and brainstormed what should be possible.
We also created a Vision.

We want to establish an effective and perpetuating donation system on Hive

Now we have got a huge bunch of ideas, but no clear roadmap.
And then, last Sunday morning , half in my sleep, I got a Heureka-moment. Suddenly a lot of puzzlepieces became one picture: A Charity On Hive (CHIVE (?)) App.
This is how I think it could work:


This app shall be for donators and receivers. It should be as easy as possible to use.

The Main Menu


First you need to log in with your Hive account.
In the upper right corner you see, how many Hive and Hivepower you have and how much money it would be in USD.

When you click on "deposit", there should be a possibility to send money in an easy way. For example like https://www.gofundme.com./
This money should be added to your Hive account.

When you click on "Withdraw", you should be able to transfer and exchange the money into your local currency and bank account, also with one click.

You have two big choices in the main menu: "Support" and "Get Supported".


When you click on Support, the following menu appears:
Now you have the possibility to support a person, a project or the Chary community.

"Support a Person"

After clicking "Support A Person", the following list appears:
You can now sort the list by your favorite column. This could be category, reason, long term help, and Hive- or Charity community rank,...
This rank is ordered by the amount Hive/Chary that was earned with the posts of the persons. The more a person has earned with its posts, the higher is his rank.
With this overview a donator gets a good orientation whom to help. She can click now on a person name.

"The Person"

Now one can see a filled out mask from the person:
The donator has now the possibility to send Hive, lend Hivepower or to follow and upvote the posts of the person.
With a back button, one can always go back on level in the menu hierarchy.

The "Project List" And "The Projects"

When we click twice on "back", we are back in the "Support" menu. There we find the button "Support A Project".
This looks very similar to "Support A Person", so that I don't explain it here in this early stage of the proposal.

"Support The Chary Community"

The Chary tribe has shown, that it is a good distribution layer of donations. Datails see here

With the app, there should be an easy way to exchange the HIVE token into Chary token:

When you click on "Buy Chary", then there should be a simple mask how much CHARY you want to buy with HIVE. At the beginning it could just be a link to https://hive-engine.com.
The same with "sell CHARY" and "stake CHARY". But later, it should be made as easy as possible for the user to exchange CHARY into Hive and vice versa. The same with "Burn CHARY" (which sends CHARY to @null).

There should also be a guiding line, how to curate Chary posts to reward the right people and projects.

Let's go back to the very first start menu page and the click on:

"Get Supported"

There is also the possibility to get supported as a person or a project. Both are very similar, maybe the masks differ. Here in this proposal we just focus on the person.

"Support Me As A Person"

Here should be a mask, that gives the rest of the world a good overview, why this person should be supported. If possible with at least one picture.
There should be a link to the account name and further posts and web pages. The charity purpose should be clear at a glance and comparable with the other persons.


This app should be an as easy as possible tool for donators and receivers. They shall find each other with an ease of "Tinder" :-)
All the complex processes like exchanging money should not bother the user.
The app should be free of charge. (Maybe we can have a small fee with the transaction, but it should be visible and not too expensive).
If we get this app running smoothly, then we can really help a lot of people. All the advantages of a blockchain and especially Hive can be played out (No Middle man - no administration costs, low transaction fee, reaching everyone in the world, 3 seconds transaction time,...).
This app could be a huge enrichment for Hive. People outside of Hive could be onboarded. The potential is very big, because this app would be more efficient than the most NGOs.

Next steps:

  • Let's talk about this app. What is good, what not, what is missing
  • Let's find people/developers who help creating this app
  • Maybe we need a crowdfunding or an own "CHIVE" token to finance this app.

Call To Action

Think and talk about this app in our Charity Community

Achim Mertens


That's quite interesting and beautiful app it would be, I hope it would ebb a great way to reach out to Charity organisations to join Hive. Have you yet discussed with developers?

Not yet.

Ha! I’m in bed (1.30am) and it pooped up on my phone and I could not resist reading it!
I reckon with a bit of a polish, you’ve got it nailed!
Nice work! I can’t wait to have a proper look at it tmow on my iMac (27inches is easier that 2.7...)
I actually have so much to say, but it’s going to have to wait till tmow!
Freaking awesome work achim!!!!
Gute nacht!

excellent excellent work Achim! This is basically along the lines of what I was thinking, but you've put it together really nicely! Im sure there is plenty to discuss and we should talk soon.... I have one more week of camping to do up until september and then I will be much more free to throw some ideas around. THIS IS THE FUTURE of charity I can feel it :) x x
just quickly, I quite like the name CHIVE but I feel like something more explanatory like HIVEcharity or CharityONhive might be more effective. I know its clunky, but somehow I feel like it sounds more trustworthy.... what do you think? this is something we can all discuss later of course!

I also like CHIVE. Perhaps add a tagline of Charity on HIVE = CHIVE or something like that?

This is surely going to be a great application. I don't have any ideas to add to it right now. I think the developers should check this out and get to work on it.

This is Great creative work weldone @achimmmertens in building this new application system. I like the fact that it will be an easy to use application.

I love it and will support.

I would create a project for The Matrix-8 Solution
for community governance. I think if Chive were to use The Matrix-8 Solution for its own community governance, with the
Trusted Reputation
and Voting Anonymity elements (essential to and part of the system), Chive could well become the Top Trusted crowd/cause sourcing giving platform.

Sounds very intersting. I'm checking it out.