Charity with Hive discord meeting

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Hello friends of charity and hive,

This is a Reminder: The Meeting takes place tomorrow (saturday 8.8.) at 10 A.M. German Time (UTC + 1), That is 11 A.M. Uganda Time. We can use the voice channel, if the connection is good enough. Otherwise we can chat there. I am going to write a protocol after the meeting.

This is a short overview, what we are working on:
I have started a mindmap and a kanban board

Everyone who is interested to enhance charity on hive is invited.

Regards, Achim


hi there achim. Could you send me the invite to the discord server again? It seemed to have expired when I tried it.... I am signed in to a browser version so I hope that I can join the meeting! : )

Hi @basilmarples,
here is the new link: