Let's help from Growing Chary in a healthy-free ecosystem of people who only make agriculture

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Greetings friends of Hive and the followers of the Chary Chord God bless you.

In this publication I would like to write about how wonderful this label is and for what is used.
It is great to know that in Hive are taken into account people or social groups to support them in their needs.
But it is also a little sad to know that it is used for a benefit of people who only seek their own well-being.


In the next image that I show you can noticed how is the purchase sale of the Chary and sad tab See that only one person check the price at 0.02 hive the other two for me do not count.

It is necessary that we increase Chary's advertising to first make known the tab and per second the community as such and that the label is treated.

Take a little of your time PRA to publish about Chary and that you can disclose your virtues, we need new users to increase the use of the tab and thus be able to help those who need.


If you want to know more about chary read the publications of the friend @achimmertens.
In the next post I will be writing about what chary is and all its qualities.

Take advantage and buy chary and use the label conscientiously



Everyone's work is needed so that chary can grow, although some things have to be done so that there can be security for the users that will be taken care of by its creator

Chary should become more visible. It is a try to create an NGO based on the HIVE community - Decentral without a man in the middle.

Regards, Achim

If I already realized how the purchases are and it is likely that the price will go down that a single person is buying the chips and you are right, more noise should be made about chary and recruit new users and generate a healthier ecosystem

You are right ;-)

the labels should be used for good and work so that the token grows to higher levels and be able to somehow match the hive itself in price and users.

Thumbs up.