The CHARY has a value of a half Hive

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Hello Hivers, Hello friends of charity,

due to a lucky hand in the last two month I was able to put 1400 Hive into the CHARY-pot.
From this I have made some nice buy orders:

As we started from scratch with HIVE, there is not much money in the market, so that the owners of CHARY can sell them for 0.6 HIVE/CHARY in the moment.
I think I can keep the price stable for the next weeks or month.

If you are also interested to earn CHARY, than please do something good to other people, write about it on the hive platform and use the hashtag "chary".
People (like me) that have staked CHARY can upvote you and so you can get this token.
You can sell it on

Regards, Achim


WOW - 1400 hive is a lot!
Only some days ago it was almost 1400USD and still is a lot today.
With all the hive invested into CHARY many people can get a helping hand from your project!


Hallo @achimmertens,
ich habe ca. 78 tokens und frage mich grade, was das Beste ist was ich hiermit tun kann.
Verkaufen, so dass sie wieder in de Umlauf kommen, oder staken.

Kannst Du mir helfen?
Es geht mir darum, was das Beste fuer Dein Projekt ist - nicht, was das Beste fuer mich ist.

Hi Pundito,
Du kannst sie staken, dadurch kannst du selber Charity Projekte upvoten ind somit beeinflussen wer die meisten CHARY bekommt.

Du kannst sie aber auch an @anobel schicken, dann bleibt das Geld im Fluss.
Du kannst sie auch liegen lassen, dann passiert nichts.
Nur wenn du sie verkaufst, entziehst du dem Markt Geld, was schade für die Bedürftigen wäre.

Super, danke!
Dann gehen sie an @anobel - dort weiss man bestimmt am besten, was man damit tun kann :)

One more thing:
You should use the #posh tag in my eyes and put the link to the twitter post in the comments of your post.

More blessings to you and your family 👪

Thanks so much for the generosity.

Now nice price for Chary.
Alreadt your project useful. @achimmertens