The Beginning of My Charity Journey

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It is necessary that some times in life we take off focus from ourselves and start thinking of others just the same way we think of ourselves. We loose actually nothing when we are being kind to people.

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I have had a many failed trials to doing charity most especially to the homes simply because i had failed to plan my finances well. Some weeks ago i was just wishing that i could put smiles on the faces of the pupil of my alma matta and while i talked to a few persons about it, one of the persons told me to make sandals for them since i was already good with shoe making and that was really a good idea. Well pictures of it might reflect here but the major step is that i have just today place an order for 100 CHARRY TOKEN which i am going stake it once the other cleared and i am going keep doing that weekly as i trade CHARRY.

I have a plan

I have had a bitter taste of life ever since i got finished with high school. Many funny experiences just for working for some one. I have hocked stuffs round the streets to sell, i have done many menial jobs to survive and now i have been helped and i think it is high time to help others as well.

My plan is to at least help four(4) young high school leavers to be self dependent. I want to pay tuition fee for a girl who just finished with high school to learn baking and pastry so she could use that to support her self and her immediate family.

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Adding to my order for CHARY, of which all will be staked immediately i acquire it, Leodex has immediately reminded me of my other stakes on hive such as SPORTS, LEO AND LIST all for one big purpose of Charity. I love doing what i love to do, i love helping and i love seeing smiles on people's faces.


It is CYchance o buy onre chary

Great start in chary wel come

Thanks for welcoming me.

In the Chary community, it would be great to see proof of actions/work as you wish to join the league of humanitarian service providers.More grace!

Thank you sir for the information.

I really appreciate your coming through my block