Awtad is a non-governmental charitable organization in Uganda improving the lives of African children and communities

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They are a group of volunteers from different nationalities and they help the community by providing support

And Awtad works in developing deprived communities, providing charitable projects, widows and orphans, providing all the needs of food, water, education, health care, a sense of belonging and building long-term projects, providing basic foodstuffs

Their projects varied in every country according to their needs, for > Quoteexample, but not limited to:

  • Relief campaigns * Drilling and repairing wells * Ensuring orphans * QuoteBuilding orphanages * Building schools * Distributing development projects for families * Ramadan breakfasts * Slaughtering and distributing alms and anecdotes * Paying school fees for those who are eligible * Building mosques * Building homes * Caring for people with special needs * Building hospitals * Medical care * Distribution of translated Quran * Distribution of charity bicycles to mosque imams and other charitable
    projects ...
    Anyone with a donation, small or large, no minimum can provide clean, potable drinking water to the poor and needy around the world.

And they built the Awtad Charitable Hospital. The people of the area are forced to walk very long distances to reach the nearest city with medical services, and some of them died on the road due to the severity of the disease and the distance from the distance. The Awtad Charitable Hospital provides medical care to thousands of patients.