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Donations matching feature makes it easy to find people who match donations
I wanted to share a small project and matching donations is a small site that collects a database of individuals and companies that match the donations and a fast and easy way for anyone to increase their donations to the maximum extent. People are already collecting donations, roaming on Twitter, collecting documents and spreadsheets, and donation matching will make this process a little easier. - List of features - search Easily search for the institutions you care about and filter them so that you can find the corresponding people. And discover the companies that are doing their part in helping the right mistakes. Did you know that Netflix matches 200% of any donations and find out who completed their match and send him a thank-you tweet. They deserve it, send new matches, maintain database growth, and flow money. The constant flow of donations is the key to keeping our favorite organizations active and ready to defend and protect those who need them. A small donation from you can quickly roll into a snowball, and the only thing you need is your delivery and generous individuals to match your donation.


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