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RE: Intense Football Training

Tyre training is difficult as it looks easy but is energy sapping. Interesting article and good to see. Have any of your boys gone on to bigger things yet or is it too early to say?


Thank you for reading and commenting!

Have any of your boys gone on to bigger things yet or is it too early to say?

Recently they held a screening for u15 in our local governments and we selected three boys initially to go for the screening and two were picked. There are many other teams that their players didn't get selected. On Sunday, they went for the match and won it for our local government, and the DFA boys had a great impact on the winning.

Not really big tho but it's an achievement and a stepping stone for the academy and the boys.


Additionally, the former best player of the academy was transported to the Nigeria premier league academy, a man saw his talent and sponsored the boy there. He got him new phone, new cloths, accommodation…

All this was done secretly and the parents always lie that the boy traveled to the village… We knew about this when the man came to the academy to look for more boys and offer us free jersey and balls but we didn't collect it. Let me cut it short here…

In concise, we are trying on that part.

That is quite cool that things can happen for them like this. Lets hope someone spots what you are doing and some are selected for bigger and better things in the future.

Yeah, that is what we always hope for, work and pray towards. Thanks for the best wishes 🙏 Respect sir! ♥