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Saturday's training is always extraordinary because we have enough time to spend and the training always starts early in the morning at most 8 AM. On Saturday's timetable, we have warmup/fitness, MITM, Technique, and Aside. We spent more time on warmup/fitness and that's how we will keep rolling for now because we noticed most of the boys lack fitness and we need to fix that as soon as possible.

We started the training with four sides warmup in which the footballers are divided into four groups and each group was on each side of the paving stones that were arranged in a vertical line with small spaces in between them.



The four sides warmup started with jogging around the cones and ended with bunny hop and sprint. Each drill lasted for at least 20 minutes.

After that, we brought in a Trailer Tyre and the boys were asked to lift it and push it forward five times and also push it back to its initial position. They did this task one after the other. The Tyre is heavy but all of the boys did the task successfully with their full energy. The Tyre lifting is for the boys to improve their strength with a good athlete body structure.

Next, we set the paving stones, around 30 of the stones in a vertical line with spaces in between as you can see in the photo. The boys were then asked to do forward frog jump with moving to the left and right on each of the spaces. They did this to and fro. This is for anaerobic endurance, it works for the whole body.

After the frog jump, the boys are asked to stand in between the space of each stone and sprint to an area marked, and then move back to their previous position in recovery. They did this three times and moved to the next exercise. They are like sigh, today's training is intense mhen, but it's our slogan that No pain, No gain, so they understand and we moved to the next exercise without complaint.



The boys are asked to stand on a straight vertical line and the manager gave each boy a partner. They lift their partners and go up and down five times after that, they jogged to an area marked for them and backpedal to their original position, and put them down. They twisted and stretch their heads to release out the pain.



The boys putting one hand on the ball and rotating till their eyes turned them and can no longer go. After they all finish this drill, we closed the chapter for warmup/fitness for the day.

The boys were then taught football techniques, how to play each wing perfectly on the field, and also corrected their lapses.

The boys then played aside for around one hour, and after it, they practiced penalty kicks.

Final whistle!



When the boys were asked that how was Saturday's training, they all smiled with different responses; They all said they really feel it, one of them said said he couldn't go to the field in the evening to play or watch ball, another said he slept off as he got home… lol and lastly they said they need more of it WaWu!!!!


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  • Very complete; I imagine they take all the safety measures to avoid injury, since not all boys can lift a tire of that size so many times.
    Caution never hurts hehe.

The most positive thing is that collective training imparts discipline and character to them.


Yeah, they do take precautions and that was no their first time lifting that same tyre.

The most positive thing is that collective training imparts discipline and character to them.

Absolutely ✈!!!!

Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

Tyre training is difficult as it looks easy but is energy sapping. Interesting article and good to see. Have any of your boys gone on to bigger things yet or is it too early to say?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Have any of your boys gone on to bigger things yet or is it too early to say?

Recently they held a screening for u15 in our local governments and we selected three boys initially to go for the screening and two were picked. There are many other teams that their players didn't get selected. On Sunday, they went for the match and won it for our local government, and the DFA boys had a great impact on the winning.

Not really big tho but it's an achievement and a stepping stone for the academy and the boys.


Additionally, the former best player of the academy was transported to the Nigeria premier league academy, a man saw his talent and sponsored the boy there. He got him new phone, new cloths, accommodation…

All this was done secretly and the parents always lie that the boy traveled to the village… We knew about this when the man came to the academy to look for more boys and offer us free jersey and balls but we didn't collect it. Let me cut it short here…

In concise, we are trying on that part.

That is quite cool that things can happen for them like this. Lets hope someone spots what you are doing and some are selected for bigger and better things in the future.

Yeah, that is what we always hope for, work and pray towards. Thanks for the best wishes 🙏 Respect sir! ♥

I admire the resourcefulness of what youre all doing. A big well done

Thank you ❤, it's a pleasure!

Looks like they have big determination while training!

Yeah, they are very determined!

It feels like you are practicing for any fight 😊
Just kidding.

Yeah we are preparing for any battle 🙂

Hmm good so far. Keep practcing 😍

This sounds and looks stressful.
But I would love to do this some time..
Nice work.

Thank you 🙂

It is indeed intense training, lifting a tire with that size is no easy feat for boys their size. Greetings from the Philippines!

Thanks for comprehending our the efforts!
♥ from Nigeria 🇳🇬

You're welcome (^_^)

Football is a game of strength and for one to do well in it , he needs to carry out several put door exercises that will help improve his fitness.
It has been long since I play soccer nor engaged in fitness activity , tommorow may be a day for me

You're very right.

It has been long since I play soccer nor engaged in fitness activity , tomorrow may be a day for me

Why? Did you get busy? Always try to do indoor fitness even if it's 5 mins to keep you fit.

I guess I am reluctant towards fitness exercise because I do have time. I will see a way to start some indoor exercise.

Be determined! Just do it and make it an habit, you will enjoy it as you go. Also add meditations, you can use the mobile app ZenFriend to track your stats.

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Wow, I would love to be such training @dfacademy

You will be welcome!