Rare event in cricket history happened in BPL, was Andre Russell out?

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The incident took place in the second match of the first day of BPL on Instagram and after scoring in the first match of Khulna Tigers day, Dhaka was playing great in that match. Russell and non-striker Riyadh Riyadh survived a non-stick scandal in an attempt to pull off a quick single by adhering to the Cricket World Cup's warble shuffle. Russell could not get off the wicket before taking the ball at the striking end and before taking the ball. It seems that another question is being asked in different places. Russell was actually out. There are rules of cricket, but a batsman will be free from worries only when No.

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There are other rules that would have survived if the ball had been bowled by Voller. There are other rules. This rule is stated in Section 20.1 of the Rules of Cricket. If the cricket field is a force to be reckoned with in the match between Dhaka and Khulna, if he had been crowned, Russell would have survived the first wicket.