The first day of despair in Bangladesh. The Kiwis returned to Christchurch in earnest.

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The first day of despair in Bangladesh. The Kiwis returned to Christchurch in earnest.

Mount Manganui New Zealand returned to Christchurch for the second Test without a soul. As a strong opponent, the hosts had nothing to say for Bangladesh on the first day. There is nothing to be said about the fate of the adorable Mushfiqur, who has taken the captain by the side of Mominul Haque. There is no chance for Puchki to drop the experienced Mushfiqur from the XI on the first day. It was difficult to separate from the field due to the dominance of Joy's injury. Historically, there were many bounce movements but they could not use Taskin Shariful Ebadat. Survived In use

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Failed Kiwi captain Tom Latham passes the wicket for the first time.

In the first innings of the massively challenging Test over the stumps, the opening 50-run partnership was the highest in 2014. 37 Batting aggressively there. Captain Latham created in the first session. He scored 99 runs in 25 overs. Dass got his life in the hands of what will be the out for the first wicket for 59 runs, so in the last 38 overs, 54 to make the number Sharifullah intoxicated with revenge, the initial 133 balls to complete the 17th century by joining him to score a century in the previous Test and the village fountain continues to run 83. He left his captain's country before he made fifty. The pair of 150 runs from 248 balls in the 80th over could not return Latham with a review this time.

Name needed 14 runs for the second wicket made an unbroken pair of 201 runs. They needed bowlers to bowl at full length but bowled three short lengths. Bangladesh's disappointing day at Hagley Oval in Christchurch ended with 95 runs expected in the over.

Ebadat is the hero of the first Test, the main target of the New Zealand batsmen in the second Test

About 16 years ago today, on 28 February 2006, no member of the Panchpandab of Bangladesh played in the Test against Sri Lanka. 16 years have passed since then and after so many years, this time it happened against New Zealand. Mahmudul Hasan, who played a great first Test in the opening match at Tiger Camp, has not got Mushfiqur in the middle order again, so Bangladesh started fielding Naima Suhan in the second Test. No happy memories of the day. Batting shattered in the first Test. New Zealand overcame the failure of the second Test.

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Shariful's ball was bowled out but he managed well and formed an impeccable pairing with action. The pair came from 201 runs at the end of 99 runs but Latham did 186 runs in Tests against Bangladesh. The income was 3.87 which was undoubtedly the most important number in a very big number. Bangladesh's performance in the first Test was a big reason for New Zealand's defeat. That is why there is a lot of pressure on him. Bangladesh-New Zealand lost 1 wicket for 349 runs in the 30th over of the night.

Bangladesh against New Zealand, gave 6 runs from 1 ball!

The batsmen did not hit any tea or six, but the umpires said Bangladesh v New Zealand Test. Such a strange thing happened. Ebadat Hossain of Stump's ball hit the edge of the bat. Liton Das drove the ball to the palate of Shantar Range but missed the catch. However, he could not stay with Shuja Boundary Bangladesh-New Zealand 73 singles at the same time William Paan in life and even though he read how to give Bipaka later, he showed five fingers of one hand and two fingers of the other hand and said that Bangladesh bowlers failed one day even after playing ninety overs. Fat Cricket New Zealand managed to pick up 349 runs on the first day in Bangladesh but in Bangladesh Sher

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Even on such a failed day, Bangladesh spin bowling coach Rangana Herath did not ask the Tigers to applaud. Bangladesh will not give its best by turning around on the second day. Given the spinners, I am sure this boy will turn around tomorrow and they will show their best. The big challenge waiting for Bangladesh during the day.

The Sri Lankan board has said no Sri Lankan cricketer will be allowed to play in the BPL, because what?

The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) has started its journey from January 21. The journey has come to an end. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) on December 27, 2021 has reduced the violence of foreigners in the BPL due to PSL. Sri Lankan cricketers Anushka Gunathilaka and Vanuka Rajapaksa are abruptly retiring. Danushka Gunathilaka was in Barisal and Dinesh Chandimal of Sylhet Sunrisers was in Anuradhapura.

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None of them are playing in the BPL this time as they did not get clearance and so the BPL teams are different. Last Saturday, Barisal replaced Sri Lanka Gunathilaka. Who can bring their team to the upcoming BPL franchises