This time the Sri Lankan Cricket Board made three strange rules to save cricket!

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Sri Lankan cricketers have been going through a rough patch for the past few years but the country's cricket board is slowly trying to sort things out but a new crisis has arisen. 1to1 Several cricketers have announced their sudden retirement The Sri Lankan cricket board has announced the retirement of Sri Lankan cricketers from now on. If he wants, he has to be informed at least three months in advance. It has been decided that he will be given a letter from the French league after six months from the national team. If the nation does not participate in at least 80 percent of cricket matches Yes


Retired cricketers will not be allowed to play in the event of a retirement from the team. These rules will only apply to players who are under the Board's contract. The Sri Lankan cricket board is lagging behind day by day. Kumar Sangakkara Mahela Jayawardene's successors will continue to lag behind day by day.