Sports goes down a bit but I think it's because of the overselling and then it will go up

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Greetings friends of hive and the sports tab, today I want to talk a little more about the way the price of the token is found and that is that every time sports rises there is always an overselling that forces prices to lower since all they want to sell, in this way sports is in a seesaw due to the great offer that there is for anyone, it is a secret that there are many buyers who want to obtain it at a lower price to grow it.


You who sell and seek profit with the token try to wait a little longer since this token will soon cost more than double.




It will always be like this since there is too much agriculture on this tab

at the time of publication sports had a value of $ 0.00009

If it must be for that reason that it does not end up taking a better value