Sports increases as we indicated yesterday in my post

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Greetings friends of hive happy day of the worker, yesterday I told you that sports were in a seesaw because they are rushing to sell and this caused an overselling, which the law of the economy does not forgive and to stabilize should come down.


Now if we do not rush to sell, I am sure it will increase a little more and we will look for more users of the token.




At the time of publishing sports it cost $ 0.0001

What do you think tomorrow would be the prices of sports token? When will they cross 0.0002

This is unlikely to make a forecast but what I can assure you is that sports will not drop further to levels as low as last year of $ 0.00002, but prices are set by supply and demand there are a series of orders now that I can say that for tomorrow the depots will be at the same price today from there it will not happen if you look at the buy and sell margin you will realize that they are very even so I think it will be the same