Sporting Memories: We play serious matches with mufti; would love to donate branded Jerseys?

Sometimes, the fun in sports makes us to forget the luxuries and even the safety of our body parts. I remember very many time sin my high school days that I have sustained injuries and fractures due to playing football without boots. Playing street football in Nigeria as well has been fun to look when both sides of the teams would only identify their fellow team members by their names and faces simply because they do not wear jerseys. Renting of one set of simple jersey in my locality costs $12 at present.

This team is one of the reasons I greatly engaged in Sportstalksocial so as to be able to raise some funds to brand at least three sets of sport gears for them. Our annual youth conferences is always a great time to bring together, young minds from across Nigeria to fellowship together. We already miss this experience due to the corona virus outbreak.

The conference is an annual event and sports is one of the activities we engage in to spice and fun the camp meeting. The picture above was taken on the early morning of Thursday, 22nd August, 2019. All that came through my heart as I previewed the photos was how to get some branded sports gears for at least three football teams as well as football, volleyball and other gadgets.


Playing football with bare foot is sweet experience especially when there is dew but the aftermath of it is the chill. The burns and peels that come afterwards and the risk of fracture during tackle is something terrible, however, we play this match barefooted. Those who have boots are not allowed to wear so as not to harm those who do not.

As we can see in the below picture, only a sleeveless reflector jacks were used to differentiate one team from the other who wore mufti or perhaps play with bare body. In all, we fun the entire experience and enjoy ourselves. We can't trade the unity and togetherness that the sports brews to the lack of good sporting gears.


Our General Overseer is always glad to identify with us. He's sports loving and is clothes in ash coloured t-shirt beside the player with red coloured kits. I'll sure have his support. I just imagine how colourful it would be to have the teams clothed in branded gears by our 2021 conference.

I have a plan

While I was going through the pictures, I saw an opportunity to promote the Steem blockchain then, now Hive and particularly, promote the @SPortstalksocial community by raising funds to brand sports kits for the church.

The gears would be branded with Hive alongside SportsTalkSocial, Actifit and Chary communities for each set respectively. This project would be well funded by my HIVE, CHARY, SPORTS, AFIT and other Hive-engine tokens earned.

This would be my way of marketing the Hive blockchain and related projects and typically show the people that tangible things can be mined from this blockchain. Thanks I have @Tomlee and a few other Hivers who will support the move.


It would be great wearing branded jerseys to play football in our next conference.

I can still recall this day, it was really fun and I even scored a spot kick. 😃

See you, did I tell you to hype yourself? Who told you that it was actually a confirmed goal? Lol

Hahaha.... As long as, it got past the keeper, it was a confirmed goal.

I understand the feeling that comes after you discovered that you had injured yourself while you were having fun with football bear footed... I pray for more grace for you to live out your dreams and that your plans will come to reality.

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