HiveBuzz Women's World Cup Contest - The results, the winners and the prizes

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It's time to discover the official result of our contest

This Women's World Cup has been absolutely amazing and we hope you enjoyed this contest as we did.

Despite the less notoriety and media coverage enjoyed by this Women's World Cup compared to its men's equivalent, we were enthusiastic about the participation of many users. We are also delighted to have noticed that several ladies from Hive took an interest in this contest and even made excellent scores.

Let's start first with a few numbers about the contest

1. Participants and badges

There were a total of 330 users who registered for the contest.

Out of this group, 314 users demonstrated their predictive skills by successfully guessing at least 1 match result.

In total, these 314 participants placed 17750 bets being recognized as valid entries. Among these valid bets, 9407 badges were earned by those who accurately predicted match outcomes.

The contest's top 3 winners amassed 129 badges collectively. This implies that the remaining 311 players collectively earned 9278 badges.

2. Prize pool

The amount collected by @hivebuzz.pool was

  • 6000 HIVE from the sponsors
  • 343 HIVE from registrations

Therefore, the final prize pool before distribution is 6343 HIVE and can be checked here.
NOTE: We will use "floor 3rd decimal rounding" for any reward computation since we can not distribute more than we have.

Breaking the ties

As you have seen, this World Cup has been full of twists and turns. On several occasions, the classification was turned upside down, especially during the group stage, due to the unexpected results of certain matches.

This had the effect of creating a crowd at the top of the leaderboard with several participants having the same number of badges.

Remember that for this contest we introduced the concept of "speed factor" so the fastest bettors will take advantage

To reward those who take the most risk when betting [...] the betting time of the participant will decide, the winner being the fastest to have placed their bets throughout the competition.

The winners

Gold medal - Rank 1

The champion of the HiveBuzz Women's World Cup Contest, with 44 badges, is


With a constant presence in the top 3 from the beginning of the contest, he won a well-deserved victory.

Congratulations @dwixer, you get 20% of the prize pool: 1268.600 HIVE!

Silver medal - Rank 2

The second winner of the contest, with 43 badges, is


Despite difficulties during the group stage, he managed to make an extraordinary comeback in the top 3. The second place is therefore well deserved too.

Congratulations @josediccus, you get 10% of the prize pool: 634.300 HIVE!

Bronze medal - Rank 3

The third place, with 42 badges, goes to


Lastly, but certainly not least, within the top 3, @joseal2020 appeared there a bit later than the others but managed to keep distance from the pursuers thanks to judicious and fast bets.

Congratulations @joseal2020, you get 5% of the prize pool: 317.150 HIVE!

Special mentions

We would like to give an honorable mention to @shamzy and @bombus for their excellent performance throughout the tournament. Being in the top 3 just escaped them as the betting speed factor definitely played a very important role in this contest. Anyway, congratulations on your fighting spirit and your fair play.

We also want to give a special mention to two Hive ladies who also have excellent performances throughout the contest and end up in the top 10. @funshee finishes in a remarkable 7th place (just 1 badge short of finishing up in the top 3) and @ifarmgirl finished in 9th place.

Congratulations also to @merit.ahama and @gabrielatravels who finished in the top 20 with 40 badges.

We are delighted to see that our ladies were able to show not only their interest but their predictive ability. After all, this contest was dedicated to them.

Girls, you rock!

Prize pool distribution among other players

As previously indicated, a cumulative total of 9278 badges was accrued by all participants apart from the top 3.

With deducting their prizes from the initial prize pool of 6343 HIVE, the remaining is 4122.95 HIVE.

Therefore, each collected badge has a value of 4122.95 / 9278 = 0.444 HIVE

Presented below is the comprehensive breakdown of player rewards in accordance with the number of badges they possess:


You can check the Ranking Page to find out how you performed in the contest.

Rewards will be distributed in 24 hours, which should allow those who would like to challenge these results (errare humanum est) to come forward.

Thank you to our sponsors

In order not to bloat this post, we will publish separately the prizes obtained by the participants from our sponsors.

@actifit @arcange @poshtoken @wrestorgonline
@disregardfiat @roelandp @sagarkothari88 @threespeak

Thank you to all participants!

Congratulations to all the players and to the winners. Thank you all for your participation in this contest!

It has been a fun (and exhausting) month-long experience and we are boosted by the many positive feedbacks we have received.

Support our proposal!

If you're already a supporter of our proposal, we want to say thank you! We couldn't have come this far without your support, and we hope that you will continue to support us in the future.

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So it was the end.. Congrats to all the winners.. The speed really matters hehe..
Congrats sis @ifarmgirl ☺️..

Thank you for your participation @jane1289! The speed of placing bets certainly added an extra layer of excitement.

Yeah. And I hated it when seeing a new post posted an hour or more ago, lol. It was fun though.

Salamuch sis and congrats to you as well :) Good morning
The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people ( nietokilll ) sharing the post on LeoThreads,LikeTu,dBuzz.

😅 ay, it's over already 😱 Thanks for the prize. And congrats to the winners, mentions and all the participants.

(@dwixer, @josediccus, @joseal2020, applause!!! very good work)

Likewise a cheers to the sponsors, @hivebuzz, @arcange ;) and everyone who made this fun possible (which I was late to) ;)

Thank you for your participation and congratulations on your winnings @nanixxx! We're glad you had fun with the contest.

Thank You friend. So grateful

I am lucky to be part of the winner.
Congratulations to all participants.

Missed a lot of days. Happy to have been a part of this.

Glad to read you enjoyed our contest @fredkese


Thank you for this new beautiful experience! It was a pleasure to participate and to be so close to the top 3. Congrats to the winners!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thank you @bombus for your participation and kind words! You did an amazing job and we're glad you enjoyed the experience. Congratulations once again!

First of all: A big Thanks to the sponsors 🫶 What an amazing price pool!
Second: A big Thanks to @hivebuzz team for organizing and doing all the work
And finally: Congratulations to all the winners especially @dwixer for staying at top of the table from the beginning.
I was hoping for a special prize for the fastest tips as I made it to the top 3 in this ranking 😀

Thank you for your kind words and congratulations on your performance in the contest!
As for a special prize for the fastest tips, that's an interesting idea! We may consider it for future contests.

Thank you dailyspam.

Congrats on organizing another exciting WC contest, with so many turns in the ranking!

Congrats to the winners! :)

We're glad you enjoyed the contest @gadrian.

Very cool contest... always a pleasure to participate to your contest.
Enjoy your day !PIZZA

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad you enjoyed the contest.

Especially I like my ranking 😀 :


Hehe, we have been lazy busy and were late to cast our bets. Well done! 🎉

Congratulations @josediccus and @joseal2020 . Congratulations everyone. It was a game filled with suspense, tension, and wishes. We all did well, no one can see the future, yet we gave out our best shots.

To the @hivebuzz Team. Thank You for your great work, you're amazing. We love you all. Glad the contest has come to an end with no scary comment like "The top,( for now). Haha

Thank you so much @dwixer! We strive to create engaging and fun experiences for our users, so we're happy to hear that you had a good time.
Thank you for participating and congratulations once again on your win!

I did and thank You and the entire team and the sponsors

Thank you very much champion, it was an extraordinary contest, I hope there will be others like it, this one was very entertaining.

It indeed was entertaining

Congratulations 🎉 on being the champion of the contest.

Thank You funshee. I hope you'll start to play football soon

Hahahahha, not sure about that !lol

Introspection sucks
If you think about it.

Credit: reddit
@dwixer, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of funshee



Wow, congratulations to the top winners and everyone for making the game so much fun and competitive. A special appreciation to the mind behind this game and of course our sponsors, you all are amazing 🥰.

Thank you @hopestylist

You're welcome 🥰

Thanks for organising and it was great to see so much interest in women's football. Hopefully it will continue. So gutted my team was so near yet so far away from winning 😫

It was indeed awesome to see such enthusiasm for women's football and from Hive ladies.
Sorry for your team 😢

I have to congratulate first of all to the @hivebuzz team they did a great job making this contest of the female world community, keep doing this kind of initiative that exalts the blockchain, also to congratulate all the participants of this wonderful contest specially to the comrades @dwixer and @josediccus for being in the top 3, congratulations good.

Thanks. Congratulations for a competitive contest as well. We gave it our best.

It has been a pleasure to participate, the competition was quite exciting, at times close to the first but some results were pushing me away. That's the exciting part haha. Thanks friends for the tournament, waiting for the next ones 😎

Thanks for the competition!!!!

Congratulations to all winner . Thanks to all sponsor and @hivebuzz , i have fun time :). Cheers !BEER

Congrats to winners and thank you @hivebuzz for a fun event!

Thank you @elephantium

Great Competition. Well done to all the organizers. We need more of this on Hive.

Thank you @blanchy! We're glad you enjoyed the competition.
We definitely plan on organizing more events like this in the future. Stay tuned!

It was really fun! And I'm happy to be not so far from the top 3 when it comes to the number of badges collected! That was close!

Congrats again on your awesome performance @gabrielatravels 👍
It's always a good feeling to come close to the top. Who knows, maybe next time you'll be in the top 3! 😅

Challenge accepted! Haha

Congratulations guys 👍 It's an amazing experience for me to have joined this contest. Til the next world cup⚽ !PGM

Thank you for participating @mdasein! Looking forward to seeing you in the next one!

My pleasure 🙏

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Congrats to the three big winners at the end. We all ended up as winners tbh!

Thanks @hivebuzz for organising this event again and for the various sponsors. Being in Australia and watching the quality of the matches, especially the latter stages, makes me think that Womens' Football has a very bright future ahead!

Thank you for your kind words and participation in the event @boboman! We fully agree, everyone who participated is a winner in their own way.

Once again it has been an incredible experience. I love when they do these events. I congratulate the winners and sponsors for such a wonderful job.

Thank you for your feedback @yisusth! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the event.

Congratulations all winner.

Thank you @semarekha

Thanks for this excellent event! I really enjoyed the contest.

After reading the report, I found some points need to be corrected. @hivebuzz

  • The third place goes, with 41 badges

--> it should be 42 badges

  • In the breakdown of player rewards table, if you removed top 3 players, then only 2 players with 42 badges.

It's just 2 minor mistakes but it's better to make them correct 😁

Great to hear you enjoyed our contests @sodom-lv

Good catches with the typos, it's been fixed. 😅

Awesome :)

Happy Very Funny GIF by Disney Zootopia UP hivebuzz, thanks 🫰🏽

Thank you @moxa

thanks a lot for this fun and rewarding initiative
congrats to the winners

Thank you @libertycrypto27

It was worthwhile 💯
I enjoyed being part of this, congrats to the big winners.

Thanks to Hivebuzz and the sponsors for making this possible

Congratulations on your accomplishments and thank you for your kind words @merit.ahama ❤️


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@heroldius(3/5) tipped @hivebuzz

Thank you and congrats all untitled.gif

Thank you @dewabrata

Thank you very much, it has been a fun ride.

Congratulations 🎉 to our top 3 and to everyone who participated.

You're welcome, @funshee! We're glad you had fun. Congratulations again for your remarkable 7th place! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Congratulations to everyone! These are incredible results! Thank you lots HB team. It's been fun and exhilarating!

Thank you for your kind words and participation! We're glad you enjoyed the contest. Congratulations to you too for your awesome achievement. 👍❤️

Thank you for the dedication of this funny contest, @arcange !
The last week I struggled with accessing internet connection on my mobile, since I was of the grid most of the time... But I really enjoyed when by some luck, and for a few days that i was in the top 15! Ahaha
Congratulations to the winners @dwixer @josediccus @joseal2020

Thank to all the sponsors of this funny quest!

Congratulations to you as well

You're welcome @xrayman! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the contest and congratulations on making it to the top 15, that's quite an achievement!

Thanks you my friend, congratulations too

Congrats to the winners!! And thank you for the contest, @hivebuzz:)

Thank you @coquicoin

Congrats to the winners; and thanks again for another fun competition!

Thank you @pardinus

My congratulations to the three who led the contest
I loved having participated, my congratulations to all who have participated
Thank you so much @hivebuzz for running this contest.

congratulations to the toppers and all the winners and thank you to the sponsors and Hivebuzz team!!!

Thank you @rosecane! We're glad you enjoyed the contest.

Great contest indeed. Congrats to everyone who participated in this. Kudos to the sponsors and organizers too. It's been a jolly ride all through.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the contest @alovely088. We indeed couldn't have done it without the support of our sponsors and the enthusiasm of all participants.

That's right. Thanks once again.

yeah was fun thanks


Thanks to the sponsor, they made this a possibility. It was a game of guts/glory and it was competitive till the end, congratulations to everyone. Thanks @hivebuzz for the relentless work and making this a possibility

Congratulations to all the winners 🥳🎉 it was surely interesting and sometimes very exciting.
So great to see so many girls joining in 😉
Thanks @hivebuzz team 🌹🐝 and all the sponsors for everything!

Thank you for your kind words and for participating in the contest!
It was indeed exciting to see so many people, including girls, joining in.

You are welcome @hivebuzz team 👋🏻😊 happy I could join in too, it was truly fun 🤩 💃🏻
Do have a great midweek 🌹🐝

Hmm Thanks for the contest @hivebuzz this is one of the most interesting contest I participated here on the blockchain. To the top three winners @dwixer @josediccus and @joseal2020 congratulations to you guys, To the rest of us I congratulate us as well. On to the next 🦾🦾🦾

We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the contest. Congratulations to you too for participating and doing well.
We look forward to seeing you in our future contests!

Thanks you @shamzy, You were very close, it was an extraordinary contest and you were a great rival my friend.

Thank You @shamzy. Congratulations to you as well

Big congratulations guys
Am Amazed at how well you all predicted the Matches👍👍👍

Woww, I was surprised when I opened my wallet and saw some liquid Hive, then I checked my history and there was your memo that got me smiling.
Thank you so much @hivebuzz for bringing this initiative in the Blockchain. Congrats to you @dwixer you deserve to be recognized. @josediccus baba you dey steady motivate, congrats man.
Big congrats to everyone that participated - we all had fun!

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the contest and congratulations on your winnings.
We hope to see you participate in future initiatives as well.

Thank You so much and congratulations to you as well

Congratulations 👏

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Congrats to everyone who participated!

Thank you so much for the @hivebuzz team and their sponsors for doing this 🙏!

These contests are among the best on HIVE and I was !LUV-ing it while it lasted! 😉

!PGM 🤗

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Congrats to the winners - It was a fun competition 😍❤️

Hi guys!
Thanks so much for organizing and running this whole contest. Thank you very much for the prizes.
It was a great world cup full of surprises.
Let's recover energies and let's hope for more good things to come for all of us.

Congratulations on your achievement in the contest! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed participating.

Congratulations all winner.

Congratulations to the winners, to all the participants dear friends @hibebuzz this competition was very exciting and fantastic.
Congratulations to the sponsors of this great event.❤️❤️🌷🌷🎉🎉