During the journey, the view of the blue sky touches one's mind

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Good morning hope you all are very very well today I am trying to create my own blog with you today the pictures and words I am sharing with you are some pictures I collected at Malaysia airport when I came from Malaysia to Bangladesh the pictures are so It was nice that I created the questions with much interest and desire to share them with you




It is often surprising to think that the intelligence of our people in this beautiful world is being used to the extent that technology is being used. For us to go from one country to another we could not have thought 50 years ago that people would travel from one country to another by air and go so beautifully safe and without any hassles, it is actually a commendable thing to me. I like it a lot




We enjoy the beauty of the sky a lot. Our most beautiful view from this beautiful world is that the different characters of the sky have different colors at the same time. The most beautiful thing in this beautiful world is the blue sky. When the sky is cloudy, you will see the sky in black color. And again when the evening comes, the red color fills the sky. They are very familiar to us and one of the things I like. The main reason I say this is because when I was taking the pictures, I just look at the sky. A beautiful blue sky clear day I enjoyed on my trip which was much better for me




On a beautiful day when I am traveling the surroundings and the plane I flew to Bangladesh was US-Bangla one of my favorite planes also there are different types of planes in Malaysia including Malind Airlines Malaysian Airlines and some other popular airlines which could have come but I like it the most and I like when I come to Bangladesh in a Bangladeshi plane because Bangla Bangladesh Airlines is also different when traveling with Bangladeshi companies, it feels like I'm going to Bangladesh and feels a different feeling that's really my own. Enough to keep the mind in good spirits

People do many things to make their life successful in keeping with the time. To live in a beautiful world, people go from one place to another and fight for their life to fulfill all their desires. does not until a man can achieve To achieve success every man has to set a certain goal by setting that goal man has to move forward Man is beautiful to live in this world life is a war based on one word assigned to him People have set their goals and by achieving the success I am also trying to achieve success by setting my goals in life and in spite of being out of the country for a long time I will go again after some time to that old and busy life. I hope with you next time again in that busy time. I can pass the time

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