fake news

in CCHlast year

We all are more or less familiar with the term fake news and it is taking a very dangerous form in the present world. If there is no correct information on any subject, then the information is presented as correct information and people are confused if there is no basis. If all the information is presented in front of everyone then it will definitely be a bad thing for everyone, people will be confused and will not find any particular information, that is what we usually call fake news.



This fake news is prevalent in every country of the world. There are news portals in one way or another in the whole world that are doing these things without presenting the truth. Being misled and misrepresenting their news to everyone out of the news they were meant to be is a form of fraud.

In today's age of technology, people are getting involved in various types of crimes. Today I am talking about the fake news that some people are presenting in front of everyone. It is doing right and it is a totally good thing but because of this news, every person in the world has misled themselves in one way or another because I got some news a few days ago which I found was not desirable for me later I found out that it was a complete fake. the rumor

Based on the way fake news is spreading in the world at present more or fewer packages are being prepared in Bangladesh, it is affecting every level of Bangladesh, people are killing people because of this fake news and also facing various problems. Because of that, there are many casualties in the world and the responsibility that people have towards people is being lost


The way technology is growing in the world with time is very admirable and there are many people using it and spreading rumors which is not desirable at any time because there are both good and bad in the world. And if all the people become bad then this beautiful world will not be so beautiful this is a beautiful formula we all know so if correct information is not shared in our world through media then people will be misled in various ways.

I have tried my best to bring up today's topic because I know why I thought these words could be shared with you so without further delay I present these words to you, hope you like them.