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If you are told to trade your life with someone or trade your life with another person. Make his life your life and give your life to him if you want to change your life. Who do you want to share your moments with? I will try to talk about one topic on this today. I hope I can present this matter to you nicely.

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Our life is very beautiful in this beautiful world, we are constantly fighting to make our life more beautiful. At any moment, in any situation, we have to struggle to keep our life right and beautiful. In this beautiful world, there are many people who are better than us. People live in the world. There are many people above the position I am in and many people are living below it




Imagine you work in a place where there are some people who are better than you and you are below them. Now you always think why I couldn't be above them why I couldn't be their boss. They always do. Also like you use a car to come to office in the morning. People who work below you may or may not use car or walk to their destination. A beautiful car can go to the office every day, such thoughts always work in them, this is a fact of our life


People do a lot of things to pass their life in tune with time, things that people do for their livelihood and good life, today's objective is if you want to change your life, with whom you will do it, maybe you don't always think about this thing if your If there was a chance that you would change your life and take another person's life and give that person your life, I notice something in general that if I could give my life to the people below me, maybe they would be much happier. And if I want to get someone's life and change my life with someone, then I definitely want to change my life with a good person because no person wants to change his life so much that if he changes with a person, he will suffer and suffer in his life. No one in this world wants to grow more

When I give my life to someone I will notice that if I can give my life to someone who is below me then he can enjoy his pain and enjoy my life better because he can pay his price and if I give it to someone above me then He can't value this life of mine. If he changes my life, he won't understand the counter-evaluation because he is above me. He is already happy. If he wants to take my life, he will not be happy. So I am the people below me. Have them I will try to change my life

So today, I hope that I have been able to share my words with you properly. I have tried to mention from my heart how much I could and how much I could not. Thank you all very much for mentioning them. Hope to see you again in the next article. Thank you all

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