Some funny moments with younger brothers after coming from Malaysia to Bangladesh

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Some beautiful moments are created by every person. Many beautiful things come into our lives to be loved. Today I am going to share with you one of the beautiful moments that were very beautiful for me.





The pictures I shared with you today and the words I am sharing with you are the feeling of sitting and drinking together with my younger brothers and seeing them after six years. Seen after a long time, more peace is felt in the mind that actually says and cannot be expressed in words, some beautiful moments are created that can never be finished sitting down




I came to Bangladesh from Malaysia four months ago today you all know from my blog I was actually living abroad for a long time during my stay in Malaysia I spent 6 long years to earn my livelihood suddenly four months ago today I came home and in the country, The feeling of coming was amazing it was a love and dream day for my life I had been dreaming for a long time to go to the country one day with my family and relatives to celebrate the kinship and joy of my heart it was my dream for a long time.




When I got off the plane and went to my uncle's language, the first thing I saw was the arrangement, the festival that everyone was waiting for me. I dreamed that one day I would go to the country and have a lot of fun with everyone.

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