Katoomba Peaberry, An Excellent Taste of Arabica Coffee

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Gayo Highlands is region which produce arabica coffee. Gayo arabica is one of the best arabica coffee in the world. I am so grateful to stay in Gayo Highlands, that I could sip the best espresso everyday. Like today, I am sipping Katoomba Peaberry espresso. It’s really an excellent taste. An excellent experience of drinking coffee. It delivered a perfect taste as well.


Peaberry is a type of coffee bean. Normally the fruit of the coffee plant contains two seeds ("beans") that develop with flattened facing sides, but sometimes only one of the two seeds is fertilized, and the single seed develops with nothing to flatten it. wikipedia. This kind of bean is more expensive than normal beans. It has also special taste with low acidity, a bit spicy and good aromas.


Katoomba peaberry coffee was roasted with medium-to-dark level. I really love to drink peaberry coffee. These two pictures show the roasted peaberry beans.



The peaberry espresso that I drink today is made by Simonelli Espresso machine. This machine is excellent, it could make perfect espresso. The barista is Rayyan. He is a good and skilled barista.


If you love to drink peaberry coffee, you may order Katoomba Peaberry. It’s a specialty coffee, which is fully wash processed. It has clean cup, heavy body. balance and long after taste.


Gayo arabica coffee will not affect your sleep. It does’nt make you insomnia. So, no worries to drink two or three cups of arabica gayo coffee.

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Thank you for your interesting post. I always try to buy roasted Arabica beans, because I know it is the best coffee. However, in our supermarkets it is sometimes difficult to choose a quality coffee, as not all producers write the type of coffee on their packaging. Sometimes they write the Arabica to Robusta ratio or just 100% Arabica, but sometimes they don't write anything at all,which is very surprising and does not inspire confidence.

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That post was very interesting and informative. I know very little about coffee except that I need a cup first thing in the morning. Only one cup though. I have now a whole world of different coffees to explore. I have never heard of those kinds that you mentioned.

Thanks for the post!

Thanks. :) great to know that you love to drink coffee. There are many different coffees in the world. Most important we need to differentiate Arabica and Robusta. Robusta has high percentage of caffein. I prefer arabica with only a half of Robusta caffein level. Sometime, Robusta makes me palpitation and insomnia. Lol

Gayo-Sumatra Coffee in Aceh Province of Indonesia is one of the best arabica coffee.

I have a problem with insomnia so I think I will stay away from Robusta. I have never seen Robusta here in Canada but I have seen Arabica. I was in Bali last year and and didn't know what I was having in the morning but the coffee there was pretty satisfying.

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