Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from February day 22

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The Hive Power Up Month has now been running for 22 days. There is now less than a week left to hold on.

For those who missed it, you can read the challenge announcement here.

Number of participants

Let's see how things have been going so far with an updated graph:

For the third time since the start of this edition, we have not lost any participants from the previous day. It seems that we have finally found a team of those who are attentive enough every day not to make any more mistakes and stay fully committed.

Can we really distribute 57 PUM badges in a few days to these die-hard participants? The future will tell...

List of eligible ones

Congratulations to @alexvan, @amaari, @andy-plays, @arcange, @awah, @axel-mccornstack, @blitzzzz, @borjan, @brianoflondon, @btcsam, @cezary-io, @coccodema, @coquicoin, @cryptokungfu, @cursephantom, @darrenfj, @davidthompson57, @definethedollar, @dizzyapple, @drugelis, @eddwood, @femcy-willcy, @forykw, @herbacianymag, @hivebuzz, @ifarmgirl, @jacobtothe, @jang, @jomancub, @jychbetter, @keco, @ksteem, @littlebee4, @malomi, @manuvert, @mein-senf-dazu, @michelmake, @mightpossibly, @mmckinneyphoto13, @music1sound, @orionvk, @pogier, @python13, @ricestrela, @sagesigma, @savvyplayer, @synrg, @taskmaster4450, @tdctunes, @tengolotodo, @timehacker, @traciyork, @trezzahn, @trippymane, @tsunsica, @tydynrain and @vickoly.

Good luck to everyone who is still in the race!

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HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Well done all 😎 a few more days to go 😉🐝💃🏻🕺🏻
Let’s do this!!!!

Thanks for the update @hivebuzz

We got this 💪

Yes we do 😎

Wow few more days to go really excited

I am still in the race. 💪

Still going! 😄

Light at the end of the tunnel!

Everyone should make sure to set at least 2 alarms! We can do this!

Hodling the Line!

👀You got this all 😎
Good Luck😉

Still in, and 2 days without losing anybody, awesome! Good luck!

Good luck @manuvert

wow nice hivebuzz


Yeey!! Great work! Very much appreciated @hivebuzz

Great ideas and project you have going on here.

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