The Beauty You OWN - My Gift To The Community Members

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~ It's morning. I will not go to sleep until I am writing this article for YOU.

First - This song goes to all of you:

And these thoughts are my second gift to you ladies!

Every woman wants to be beautiful, but what is beautiful for one can be ugly for another. Obviously, beauty is a relative term, and the answer to the question "How to be beautiful?" it is inside every woman. To be beautiful is to think you are beautiful. Being beautiful doesn't just mean dressing nicely or putting on good makeup.

If you are wondering what else you need to become or think you are beautiful, find out more.

First of all, in order to feel beautiful, you don't have to compare yourself with another woman. Compare yourself today with you who you were yesterday and thus you will find out what you need to do to discover your beauty.
Analyze the things that made you feel beautiful yesterday and keep doing them today. Remember that to be a beautiful person you must have a beautiful soul.

Beauty is all around you, not in expensive beauty salons or expensive spas. Write on a piece of paper a person, art, holiday destination, or another place that you find beautiful. Analyze why you find them so beautiful and you may find the answer you are looking for. It is possible that those places or people seem beautiful to you because a part of you is closely related to them.
Describe your inner beauty in a verse. If you read the verse and feel fully satisfied, it means that you are beautiful and you do not have to think if others know that you are. It is important to be happy with yourself, and then you will be beautiful.

Are you aware that you have something that makes you very beautiful? Then try to improve these things. Be aware of what is beautiful and do not neglect this. For one person the eyes can represent the most beautiful part, for others the hair, and so on. For example, if you are aware that the eyes are the most beautiful part of your body, do not neglect them, do not hide them. Be proud that this admires the world around you and let them be looked at and admired.

Health is beauty. If you don't take care of your body and destroy it, you lose your beauty. You have only one life to live and one to be beautiful and to live it in a beautiful way. Do whatever you can to have a healthy and, at the same time, beautiful body.

Love your body and make it beautiful, that is, give it the nutrients it needs for a healthy and beautiful life. Healing it and keeping it in good shape is the first step you need to take towards a beautiful life.

Many people are scared of old age, wrinkles, and all that it means, but it should not be so. Osho, a spiritual leader, said that old age is extremely beautiful and that it must be so because all life leads to it. I'm not into Osho, but I see his point.

From a certain age, wisdom will help you reach the peak of beauty. Every extra year, every anniversary takes you one step up the beauty ladder. Aging is the best thing that can happen to us because it leads us to the peak of beauty and teaches us to discover beauty in every moment.

Forgive the eventual typos I might have made at 3:54 AM now.

I am hugging you!

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