Essential Drills in Football - Part I

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If you want to learn how to read and write, you start from the basis i.e. ABCDE… Similar to that, football has its own ABC and that's what we know as DRILLS. To be a good footballer you have to start from the basics and master it. In today's episode, I will mention three (3) essential drills. If you haven't started playing football at all and you want to start now, start with these drills and watch your improvement in a few weeks. Although, the drills may be hard for a start, trust me if you keep the persistence you will find it easy along the line. Without further ado, let's jump into it;

In-Step Pass Drill

This involves kicking the ball with your angle to the other player while moving forward and backward. If you don't see anyone you can practice with, use the wall.

Control and Passing Drill

The drill involves stopping the ball with one foot and kicking with the other foot. Also, you can practice the drill with the wall all alone.

The Volley Drill

The drill involves you kicking with your angle locked. This has two parts; you kick with your lace & angle. While kicking the ball in the air, you aim the ball back to the hands of the person throwing the ball to you.

Don't look at the drills too simple. It takes continuous practice and that's why we upload a different video of the boys rehearsing the drills. Even the G.O.A.Ts of all time Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi still rehearse the drills to refine it.

NB: Do not stand flat-footed when practicing any drill, it's not tolerated.

Feel free to comment on how you perceive the drills and if there's anything you find confusing, comment and we will reply to you ASAP!

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