Proposed goals for 2021 related to charity.

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Hello friends, 2020 is already gone and we hope that all the bad things that it brought have gone with it, 2021 starts full of expectations, with a fervent desire to do bigger and better things; In reference to the pandemic, more than 40 countries have already started their vaccination process, which makes us optimistic that the health crisis could diminish or end, even when a new strain of the virus is emerging.


We wish and hope for all the best in this new year, but we are aware that the health crisis that unleashed Covid-19 left very strong consequences in the world economy, this makes us aware that our solidarity and help to the needy must be greater, that we must find the means and design strategies to care for the most vulnerable and underprivileged.

At HOPE VENEZUELA we are aware of the vulnerability of the Venezuelan family, this encourages us to continue working in favor of needy families in our country, that is why we are preparing to take up our family support plans with more force and we want you to help us to help those most in need.

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Main objectives.

The crisis situation in Venezuela limits us to fully comply with the programs we administer to help the Venezuelan family, that is why we invite you to follow up on what we plan to do so that you consider joining any of our initiatives.

The program that we are going to resume shortly is the following:

Day of Hope

Through this program we serve four sectors in our community, where we deliver three times a week between seventy and 120 arepas or breakfasts for children from the most vulnerable sectors of Uracoa, Monagas State, Venezuela.

By the end of last year we were forced to halt the program due to domestic gas shortages and budget problems.

One of our main objectives for this beginning of the year is to put this program into operation and get collaborators to support this initiative, you can join us and bring food to the table of needy children in Venezuela.



There are other initiatives in social and charitable matters that we want to undertake, however, due to the difficulty in accessing resources we want to go step by step, in the near future we will be sharing with you any other initiative that we are undertaking.

For now we will be starting with this program in the following days so we ask you to be attentive to our next publication in which we will be showing the beginning of these activities.

My call is to solidarity, social awareness, humanism, love of neighbor and mutual help, we are open to any collaboration that you wish to carry out by this means or by any other, you can make your contribution in HIVE, HBD, BTC, ETH, TRX and others.

Just leave me a note in the comments and we will be contacting you to make your contribution, or simply send HIVE OR HBD to the wallet of @hope.venezuela, you can also vote for this publication and reblog it to reach more people

Thanks for being here!


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