A New Vision For Charity On Hive

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Hello friends of charity, Hello Hivers,

Hive is a protocol, that allows people to interact and to send money. It is therefore a Web 3.0 layer, which it's explosive potential is realized by a few people only by now.

Today, a few of them met together and talked about "Charity on Hive":


He had a discord meeting for two hours. Here is the result:

The Problem

At the moment a lot of people in the world need help and on the other hand a lot of people are willing to support. But between the donators and the recipients is a big layer of Non Profit (NP) organisations and banks, where money disappears for administration and corruption. People don't trust them, it is inefficient and not transparent.

Hive is a paradigm shift in charity!

The Vision

We want to establish an effective and perpetuating donation system on Hive

To make it more clear what it means, we have found some objectives:

The Objectives

  • low administrative costs
  • Proof of Charity
  • Easy to handle
  • No abuse
  • It should run by itself

How to go on

In our first discussion it was important to meet each other via Discord livestream.
We have created a mindmap at miro.com and also established a kanban board:

But the most important was the discussions we had. Lot of good ideas came up


  • We should use the charity community on Hive for public discussions and discord only for private chats or meetings (i.e. when we talk about abusers, or things that is boring for the rest)
  • We can meet sometimes on livechats (Saturdays 10 A.M. German Time is fine for us), but want to do the most via the Hive community or the discord chat.
  • We are no new company or NP or closed group, but an open Hive community.
  • Use the hashtag "charity"

The Ideas:

  • CHARY is to complex for the most, except those, that are already on the hive blockchain.
  • It has to be as easy as to talk to people on the street and say, "Create this account and see where your money goes."
  • People should be appetized on websites and can then donate via a button to projects.
  • People may can delegate their Hivepower to a person, that upvotes charity posts.
  • There should be a Hive account, where we can send hive to, with a special text in the memo, and the money gets automatically routed to a paypal account.
  • And vice versa. One should be able to send fiat money to an paypal account, which transfers it to an hive account.

Next Steps:

  • Nr. 1 priority is to get people on board, that share this charity vision.
  • We check a list, that was uploaded on miro.
  • We try to find stories and tasks, that we put into the backlog list of our kanban board, so people can work on it.
  • We should write a roadmap or whitepaper.


We should have a vision of the future, that is as simple as possible. Charity hast to be absolutely simple.
Hive has a lot number of good and engaging people. When we find the right ones together, we can reach this big vision.

Achim Mertens


I’m happy to see the vision and the next steps.

Please feel free to reach out to for anything anytime

thankyou Nathan! Any and all support is welcome :)
Consider joining the charity community if you havn't already. It will be a good way to follow this exciting progress

It was a great meeting and I look forward to many more!
Thank you for facilitating this for us Achim!
And it was so great to meet @yohan2on. @basilmarples and ofcourse- your great self! 😀

Thank you for this good information!

yes excellent meeting! something special is beginning here on HIVE. Im sure many people will share our vision and we can gather plenty of support