Chary News: +++ cooperation with hiveUACharity +++ establishing whitelist +++

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Hello Friends of Charity,

There is progress with the chary project.


Who is @hiveuacharity

I had some good talks with @rollie1212 whom I know from a Steemmeetup in Aachen/Germany organized by @detlev few month ago.
@rollie1212 is also known as the cryptobrewmaster and he is very engaged with Hive, the Beertoken (together with @detlev) and the beer game show.
So he is one of the good!!!

@rollie1212 helps also some very good charity projects, which should be supported. He has started an initiative with the account @hiveuacharity.
There he tries to get money for several charity projects in the Ukraine. Details see here. (Use google translate).
With the HIVE and CHARY he gets, he is going to support a child cancer organisation or needy animals, depending on the comments in his posts.

We found out, that it is not good, that there is only one person (me) that buys CHARY in countable amounts.
There are so many good projects to support, but not enough people, that bring money in.
Also, there are some parasites/free rider, who try to abuse the chary token.
Therefore we had some ideas:

Cooperation between @hiveuacharity and CHARY

@hiveuacharity is going to promote CHARY in several posts, blogs, projects, maybe also in the beer game show. We want to onboard more CHARY buyers. He gave me also some tipps and motivation to go on with CHARY.
I am going to support his projects with CHARY token (upvotes) and reblogging the most important of his posts. I also voted for him (indirectly) as a hive witness. You should do that also!

CHARY Whitelist

To reduce the abuse of the #chary hashtag by users, that only want to suck money out of the system without helping other people, we came to the solution to create a whitelist.
There only people that have proven to help other people will be listed. I am going to create regularly a post with this list and the call to vote only for these people and projects. People, not on the list but using the hashtag #chary, should not be upvoted or even downvoted.

Call for Action


Don't send money to @wallet.chary

He is abusing my name and my picture.

What is CHARY?

Chary is a subtoken of Hive (like the beercoin). One can exchange it on the Hive-Engine.
When you use the hashtag "chary" and get upvotet by people, that have staked CHARY, you will get some CHARY.
But you only will get upvotes, when you write about your charity project, where you give us a good proof of charity. This means, we need pictures, where we can see, that people in need are really helped by you.
So please don't abuse the hashtag.

If you also want to support people, that do good charity work, just buy CHARY on the Hive-Engine, stake it and upvote projects you like or send it to @anobel to burn it.

The Chary system can be reached via Hive (i.e. or directly via

For more details see

Achim Mertens


Hi @achimmertens great to see that the meetup mixed people together. @rollie1212 is a great guy and the Ukraine team is cool.

Did you know the @homeless-city project from the dCity game?

Greetz @detlev

PS: I try to setup a meetup in aachen for End of July.
So, stay tuned.

Hi @detlev,
Put me on the list.
Falls du noch Lückenfüller brauchst, kann ich noch mal den Stand der Dinge zum Chary Projekt vortragen.

Ich freue mich auf euch.

Gruß, Achim

Ja, würde auch gern mal mit Dir die Dinge zu der @homeless-city im dCity Game besprechen.

Werde die Tage mal eine Ankündigung und einen Save-the-date verfassen

Ich habe gestern Abend mal kurz in dCity reingeschaut.
Wenn ich das richtig deute, sehe ich dort Potential für den CHARY token.
Lass uns da mal drüber sprechen.

Gruß, Achim

Dazu musst Du mit dem lieben @gerber reden

Thank you so much @achimmertens for the updates. This is indeed very interesting updates for Chary project. Those abusing the chary tag should indeed not be supported with the chary upvotes.

this is excellent! for some reason I couldnt see all these posts when I clicked on the community! I thought it was an empty feed??? But you are doing exactly what I was talking about in my rambling post.
If I can be any help let me know. Like I said, I am not a very consistent person online but sometimes maybe I can help to be part of the conversation?
I think this is one of the great potentials of the blockchain community

Hello dear @achimmertens, thanks for the explanation and support.

From Venezuela we appreciate your effort to help those who need it most.

Greetings, @hope.venezuela

Thank you very much sir, Achim for your explanation, now I understand what it is #Chary And for the future I will work the best for chary and will also help those who need it, I apologize for all my mistakes, greetings from me good luck and always bless her.