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Hello Friends of charity, Hello Hivers, Hello Rest of the world,

In February 2021 we could again see lots of posts in Hive about charity.
People that used the "chary" hashtag and got upvoted, earned some $CHARY, which they could sell against $HIVE. All in all, 2263 $HIVE have been donated to this charity workers, 262 Hive more than last month. This is really great!!!


(Todays value: 627 United States Dollar "$" (USD), this is also because of the bull run)

Here are the details for the last month.

Who Sold $CHARY To Whom

The inner circle shows, who has donated $HIVE (by buying $CHARY) in which percentage. In this case you can see, that 63 % was given by me, 27% was given by @charityball and @uyobong brought 10% of the donations.
Thanks to @charityball and @uyobong for the nice support!!!
The outer circle shows, who has got how much of the donated HIVE and by whom.
It is more or less a random act, who gets HIVE from whom, because, when the donator buys $CHARY, he doesn't know who will be the buyer.


Top 5 Donators

The following figure shows who has donated how much. The sum of $HIVE (green) is, what they sold and sum of $CHARY (blue) is, what they bought.


Top Recipients Of The Donated $HIVE

This figure shows, who has got how much $HIVE by selling $CHARY in descent ordering:

If you think, that is not the right order, then stake $CHARY and upvote the your personal favorite posts on This is how this order is created: The community decides it.

Table Of Top Recipients Of The Donated $HIVE:

This is the top ten, voted by the community, of the charity helpers. One can see how mutch $Hive they got from the $CHARY pot.

SellerSum of CHARYSum of HIVEAverage Price

Timeline Of Exchanging $CHARY Into $HIVE (And Back)

On Hive-Engine one can exchange $CHARY into $HIVE and vice versa.
In this figure one can see how much $CHARY was exchanged into $HIVE which day by whom:


The Price of $CHARY

After a volatile start in 2020, we could stablize the price, because there are some reserves now. This month we can waranty 0.08 or at least 0.07 $HIVE/$CHARY.



The Positive List

Here on the posivite list are the people that convinced me to support them. It is just my personal list:

@elkezaksek supports needy people in Uganda. Usually she buys solar panels for families. We chatted a lot via Hive.
@m-tennis-academy is @yohan2on, who plays tennis with kids and supports needy people in Uganda (I know him personally).
@dfacademy play football in Nigeria with children. They have proven two times to me, that they are trustworthy and don't waste money.
@battebilly supports needy people in Uganda
@fucho80(A pastor) supports needy people in Venezuela.
@rollie1212(I know him personally) and others are behind this project. They support charity projects in the Ukraine.
@papilloncharity has long experience with charity. This post was very convincing.

To get on the whitelist, create a video and convince us that you are real and use the CHARY to help needy people.

The Chary Rules

  • Don't upvote yourself in comments or other accounts from you!
  • Use the chary tag for charity content only!
  • use the chary tag only once a day!

Call for Action

What is CHARY?

$CHARY is a subtoken of the Hive system (like the beercoin). One can exchange it on the Hive-Engine.
When you use the hashtag "chary" and get upvoted by people that have staked $CHARY, you will get some $CHARY.
But you only will get upvotes, when you write about your charity project, where you give us a good proof of charity. This means, we need pictures, where we can see, that people in need are really helped by you.
So please don't abuse the hashtag!

The Chary system can be reached via Hive (i.e. or directly via

For more details see

Achim Mertens


Hallo Achim,
danke für deine Unterstützung.
Was ist denn mit hakeemshah96 ???
LG Elli

Er schreibt täglich Posts wie er anderen Menschen hilft. Aus meiner Sicht sieht das authentisch aus. Und da er fleißig ist, erhält er auch viel Chary. Er hält sich auch an die Regeln.
Passt daher.
Wenn du das anders siehst, sag mir Bescheid.

Gruß, Achim

Ehrlich gesagt, für mich paßt da garnichts.
Er hat über 16000 Follower, aber eine Reputation von -1 !
Die Organisation gibt es, aber seinen Namen finde ich im Netz zum Thema,
wie man im Netz Geld verdient.
Viele Posts macht er doppelt, ist dir das noch nicht aufgefallen?
Meine Meinung:
Chary sollte nur an Personen ausgezahlt werden, die eine Reputation von mind 50 bei Hive haben.
Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende
LG Elli

Hi Elli, Danke für die Hinweise.
Hmm, ich lass das mal sacken.
evtl. chatte ich mal mit ihm.
Das Geld soll natürlich an Hilfsbedürftige und nicht an Betrüger verteilt werden.

Thanks for your consistent support on the Chary community. The reports are really helpful 🙏

Thank you too!

good news. How many workers and underprivileged people have been helped, thanks to CHARY's creation, I have seen this since chary was combined with HIVE. this is amazing. continue your good work. I can only help to support and encourage. more than that I can't, maybe next time. because my own life is still inadequate. @achimmertens 👍💯

No problem. I also would like to do more than I do ;-)

Hi @achimmertens ,

great to hear that this awesome projects grows :-)

It's nice to see how you display all of this data - I think you can do much of it because of your long time experience with displaying data at your workplace right ? :-)

I have a short question which could be interesting for others, too:

What do these dots, after upvoting a post, say? Sometimes there is only one green dot, sometimes 2 or 3. Now there are also red ones, so I just decided to ask you:


Thanks for making this project possible and thanks in advance for your support with my question!

Have a nice weekend!


What frontend do you use? I use peakd and I don't see any dots.

I just looked it up by the HTML Editor and it states "Vote Weights", look:


Now I have seen it. It seems to be a new feature if

I think you may have got me wrong - I see it only on when upvoting posts :)


Sorry, you don't have enough staked BEER in your account. You need 24 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to

Thanks for the beer :D let's try if mine's enough, too!


Hey @xchng, here is a little bit of BEER from @achimmertens for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Your level of detail is appreciated @xchng that will help devs find the code easily for changes or updates. If would be great if everyone gave such helpful responses to customer service in general lol 📙 anyway thanks @achimmertens for the shoutout. My intentions are to accelerate good projects and continue voting close to the frequently-updated whitelist

Hi Achim,

I use the usual page

Hello Achim Mertens nice to meet you, I want to ask if teg #chary can be used in all posts, apart from charity posts ..?

Hi @theycallmetailah,
no please not. Because this token should be given only to people, that help other people.

Thank you sir, I really need funds for my family, I am a poor person,