Chary Whitelist - Charity Projects Which Are Worthy To Be Supported

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Hello friends of charity, dear Hivers and philanthropists,

one year ago I started the Nobel tribe on Steem, which has changed now to the Chary tribe on Hive. At the beginning it was just an experiment, but now, as I put money in it and I would like others to follow, it is getting more serious.
The goal of Chary is to financially support the supporters of people in need.

Challenges Of Chary

So Chary has the following challenges:

  1. Find the right people, charity workers, projects
  2. Support them with money
  3. Be effective, don't lose money with people which only parasite this system

1. Find the right people, charity workers and projects

The one who has staked CHARY is able to upvote posts on hive with the hashtag "chary". With this (and the scotbot which is assigned by @anobel), the tokens are distributed by a community, which is interested in finding the right recipients.
This system is (as far as I know) unique and more or less very effective.

2. Support Them With Money

This is, as always with transferring money all over the world, not so easy.
FIAT money has to be transferred and changed on cryptomarkets and then to Hive. Then it has to be put to Hive-Engine. There, CHARY token have to be bought. These are some hurdles and at the moment I am (more or less) the only one who is willing to jump over them. That's ok, but I hope to get some ideas to get more effective here in the future. And I would be happy, if others also see the advantages of the Chary system, so that they are willing to jump over the hurdles too ;-)

3. Don't Feed The Parasites

Some people think "Oh - Use the hashtag #chary, and you get money for free". And yes, there are some free riders, that get upvoted more or less accidentally. They sell the tokens and I am the stupid who buys them. At the moment it is not too much, but it is annoying and in the long run it can destroy the system. Also it is annoying to go through lots of posts, that have nothing to do with charity, until we find the pearls we seek.
Therefor we came up with new instruments which I want to introduce now:

The Whitelist

In the past, several people have proven to me to be trustworthy. They usually write good prove of charity with pictures, where one can see, that the money reaches the needy people. Here is an example from @elkezaksek:

Taken from one of her posts

The members and projects on the whitelist will be upvoted by me and my wife. You can also upvote them or send them HIVE or HBD or whatever to support them.
This list maybe subjective and not in the spirit of decentralized decisions, but hey, you don't need to follow what I say ;-)
I am going to update the list more or less regularly. It will be also reposted by @anobel, who focuses only on Chary posts.
The order of the list is more or less the order of the most earned CHARY so far.

The Members Of The Whitelist

@elkezaksek supports needy people in Uganda. Usually she buys solar panels for families. We chatted a lot via Hive.
@yohan2on plays tennis with kids and supports needy people in Uganda (I know him personally).
@dfacademy play football in Nigeria with children. They have proven two times to me, that they are trustworthy and don't waste money.
@battebilly supports needy people in Uganda
@hope.venezuela (a pastor) supports needy people in Venezuela.
@hiveuacharity (I know him personally) and others are behind this project. They support charity projects in the Ukraine.

If you now good and trustworthy charity projects on Hive, please name them in the comments of this post and give us convincing arguments to put their name on the list.
If I wrote something wrong, please inform me also.


There are several projects and people which I have overseen or where I am not really sure, if they do really charity work. Maybe their websites are not in German or English or their posts lack of prove of charity (missing pictures,...)


In the moment I don't want to play that card. I keep it in my hand until I see I have to use that weapon against abuse of Chary.


My wife and me are going to practice more downvotes. We do not really like them, but it is the easiest way to get rid of the spam. We normally use -10%, in hard cases more.
So please don't be pissed off, if you get a downvote - it is not personally, but just don't use the hashtag "chary" any more, if you don't write about charity projects.

Call for Action

What is CHARY?

Chary is a subtoken of Hive (like the beercoin). One can exchange it on the Hive-Engine.
When you use the hashtag "chary" and get upvoted by people, that have staked CHARY, you will get some CHARY.
But you only will get upvotes, when you write about your charity project, where you give us a good proof of charity. This means, we need pictures, where we can see, that people in need are really helped by you.
So please don't abuse the hashtag.

The Chary system can be reached via Hive (i.e. or directly via

For more details see

Achim Mertens


Thank you very much Achim, we appreciate your support. Thanks for helping all charity workers on this platform, we can not say how we are so happy for this blessed Chary platform.

Dear Achim,
the chary token is a great thing and helps a lot of people.
Thank you for your commitment in the charity area!
Happy weekend and best regards

Hi Elli,
thank you also for your great work!


I apologize for my mistake.
I'm new here so I don't know much about web sites maybe I won't repeat it again.
after I read a few of your posts I already understand thank you

Thank you

I'm glad to see the NOBEL project come to Hive blockchain. I was thinking whether you will not come to HIVE. Congratulations for the stride.

I will buy and stake some CHARY tokens for my @HiveAid project which will be dedicated to give aid to academic, agricultural and environmental projects in Nigeria.

I have a few questions:

  • What happens to NOBEL? WIll it remain on Steem blockchain?
  • Was there or are there plans for CHARY airdrop?

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Hi Uyobong,
The Nobel System on STEEM doesn't work any more.
I have airdropped some initial Chary for the Nobel stakers two months ago.
How much NOBEL did you stake?

Regards, Achim

Thanks so much @achimmertens for the chary project that is really impacting lives of very many people in Uganda.

I participated in the Nobel token on steem and here I am still participating in the Chary project which is just a re-brand of the great Nobel project.

Thanks so much for the recognition and the continued support to my different charity initiatives. Will keep on doing my best to add value to Chary token system.

I formed a separate account for the tennis charity project @m-tennis-academy. I hope you can consider adding it as well to the while list.

Hi Yohan,

Thank you!
It's good to see, that you are also still very active on helping people and here on hive. I will replace your name with @m-tennis-academy the next time I update the whitelist.

Thanks so much Achim! I will keep doing my best.

Hello dear @achimmertens, thank you for the great work you do for the neediest.

I also want to thank you for including @hope.venezuela in your list, Chary is really helping us achieve our goals to help those who need it most.

It counts on our votes to witnesses and the promotion of the project.

Thanks and blessings!

Hi fucho80,

Thank you also for your work.


Dear @achimmertens

May I ask why @papilloncharity is not on this list?
Chary has upvoted some of our charity posts in the past
We were verified on Steemit after an investigation and now we are on Hive.
@papilloncharity named The Papillon Foundation in South Africa, is also a verified "Top Level Charity" in the USA.
We were legally established in 2002 and continue to this day!


Kind regards!

Hi papilloncharity,

I support people, that help others and write about it in a way, that convinces me to give my money to them. At the moment I see a lot of animal posts from you and even on the papilloncharity page the newest article is more than a year old.
I am sorry to say that this doesn't convince me.
Maybe when I see other posts from you with better proof of charity.
Please don't take it personaly.


Hi Achim.

I see that you say our last charity posts on the @papilloncharity page is 1 year ago?
Just to let you know that there is charity posts on the 7th, 14th and 15th of May, 2020. That is two months ago and not 1 year.

Be that as it may, I thought you were making a list of verified charities and I didn't ask for money.

I never take anything personally and I understand the care that you have to take, as there are many scammers out there!

So, please ignore my enquiry.

Thank you for your time!