Hive Nobel Prize Rewards For Week 37 - 20 Hive - 3 Winners

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Hello hivers, curators, donators, helping people, and all others,

This is the

Hive Nobel Prizes Award For Week 37

The timeframe is from 2023-09-08 to 2023-09-15.


I am proud to announce, that I can send some money to people, which helped other people in recent days.

Here are the winners of the last week:

The first place goes to @ayomiku this week. She describes the hard work in the rice fields. It is a community that helps each other. I think it is a good example of how small communities should work (without money).
The two second places go to two persons, that keep on cleaning the planet. As you may know, I like these small things, because they are the keynotes to making a better world.

PlaceAmount HiveWinnerReasonUrlImage
1.13 Hive@ayomikuFor helping each other in the rice fields
2.3.5 Hive@nwothini335For cleaning the planet
3.3.5 Hive@rhozoliveFor cleaning the planet

The money has already been sent:

Screenshot of the @anobel wallet from today

Workflow of the Nobelprize system

Asking for Support

At the moment I check here and there the Hive posts to find some posts from people, who are worthy of getting a small goodie. But I don't have so much time and I would like to ask you to search also for this kind of good content.
If you find a post, that is worthy of a "Nobel Prize", please mark it with "!CHARY". I will check that afterwards.
If you have questions, please ask me or @achimmertens.

Greetings, Anobel (alias Achim)


This is a very welcomed and wonderful initiative.

Thanks a lot for your generosity. Congratulations to other winners

Thank you very much am really grateful for the prize