My Hive Nobel Prize Donation System Works

in Charity2 months ago (edited)

Hello Hivers and friends of Charity,

As you may know, I (@achimmertens) have created a system, that helps to find people in need here on Hive and to collect donations for them (rules see below).

I have run it the last weeks and I think it works now and is ready to get more publicity.

At the moment I am alone. Except for me, there is no person, who searches for good charity content (and therefore for people, who deserve a "Nobel" Prize).
And I am the only person who donates money to @anobel.

What's Next?

I want to go on with the reports and therefore with the donations, but I don't want to do it weekly.
I will wait until I/we have found some good posts and until I/we have saved some money again for the donation pot (Wallet of @anobel).
So, if you think, this donation system is good, then you can support me by either marking worthy posts with "!CHARY" and/or by donating some money to @anobel.

I try to get some more people into the boat. But this is not so easy as publicity is not my main competence. But I am willing to learn :-)

The Rules

If you have questions please ask me. Contacting me (@achimmertens) should be a good idea before you send money to @anobel :-)

Regards, Achim Mertens


Yep, I was downvoted by @spaminator. This is because I created reports that have similar content to the reports the weeks before. The reports are templates, with exchanged content (winners of Hive), so they look like spam.
I am working on getting out of the blacklist.