Give to Win with @combination - Results of Week 35

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We have just closed week 35 of the Weekly Give to Win draw with @combination. And all of the prizes and donations have been sent to the winning accounts. Therefore, Week 36 is now open.

A big thank you to all those who participated, helped and donated!

Congratulations to the Winners of the draw!

29 $HBD was collected

1st place prize: @fionasfavourites ~ 35% (10.15 $HBD)

2nd place prize: @preparedwombat ~ 15% (4.35 $HBD)

@papilloncharity ~ 50% (14.5 $HBD)

"The more numbers you have, the better your chances of winning"

Didn't you win? don't worry:

We care for all our supporters (who are always in our hearts) so we have shared some "extra" HBD (currently 2.5 HBD) with the non-winners of our weekly draw. We pray for @combination to grow as the extra HBD will also grow into a bigger share for the non-winners.


Consolation prizes winners:
@qurator, @johannpiber, @traciyork, @farm-mom, @desro, @maonx, @joanstewart

Thanks for participating!

We also received 16 HIVE in donations

@desro2 HIVE
@lizelle10 HIVE
@tattoo-djay2 HIVE
@joanstewart2 HIVE


Thank you kindly, these will all be sent to @papilloncharity


The details

Comment link:
Transaction link:

Enter transaction hash: "9af4e8c6e645a05a0c109f4689499bd6f2de2485"
Enter number of draws: 2
Enter number of participants: 29

The draw is from 1 to 29
Input 1 : 9af4e8c6e645a05a0c109f4689499bd6f2de2485,0
SHA256 Hash 1 : 53b989dfa224e78157affa292ad9958487ddd6ae75034d1a3a08f0460959a17e
Lucky Number # 1 is: 23
Input 2 : 9af4e8c6e645a05a0c109f4689499bd6f2de2485,1
SHA256 Hash 2 : 2a8b2ab340c5dfdbb562c735387ee7589c99306a1422f80458db3e88dab59d06
Lucky Number # 2 is: 7
End of draw

Here are the numbers assigned based on when the $HBD was received.


The draw is always based on verifiable randomness:


  • In case you're curious about all transactions made to us you can check our wallet and visit our weekly report in an excel sheet, Here.
  • As humans we may fail, please report any errors that you may spot.
  • This week we had a new supporter, @maonx who received our beautiful badge and @lizelle became a VIP supporter and received 5 stars in her badge, congratulations and thanks from the heart to both of you!


Badge Star Description

Each badge has 5 stars below it that will indicate the levels of participation.
The total value of each star is 10 points.
1 point for each hbd and 1 point for each hive donation.
Get your badge now!


Week 36 is now open, so any $ HBD sent from now will secure your place in the next draw.


Transparency is important All donations and 50% of $ HBD collected in the giveaway will be sent to @papilloncharity, a trusted, registered and verified charity on Hive. See the Introductory Post for more information about this initiative.

Subscribe to @combination so you don't miss a draw

Disclaimer: The purpose of this initiative is to encourage donations to registered charities. The draw is decided by verifiable random number generation (RNG). Please see the Detailed Terms and Conditions for more about how it works. Participation is optional.

Once again, thank you to all of those who participated and good luck in the next draw.

~ Please comment below if you have any questions or concerns ~


Congrats @fionasfavourites and @preparedwombat in the lucky draw this week.

Well done with charity drive @combination have a good month.

Thanks so much @joanstewart, we really apreciate your words and your support 🤗

Almost forgot...., again! Dived in at the last moment 😁 will always support good projects.

Wow! I never win anything! Such a great initiative to support. Thanks to everyone involved.

Congrats @fionasfavourites and thanks for your support 🤗

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I am happy to be a part of this meaningful project. I hope this good initiative continues to grow exponentially.
Also, thank you for the five-star badge.:)

Hi @maonx thanks to you for your support and stepping by to comment.


Pd: You got the badge was @lizelle who got the 5 stars due to her contributions.

I guess I was a little premature to thank you for the five stars.
I will try my best to win.:)
Thank you @combination.