Results of Week 12 - The Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway

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We have just closed week 12 of the Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway. And all of the prizes and donations have been sent to the winning accounts. Therefore, Week 13 is now open.

A big thank you to all those who participated, helped and donated!

Congratulations to the Winners of the giveaway!

13 $HBD was collected

1st place prize: @johannpiber ~ 35% (4.55 $HBD)

2nd place prize: @preparedwombat ~ 15% (1.95 $HBD)

@papilloncharity ~ 50% (6.5 $HBD)


We also received 9.95 $HIVE in donations

9.95 HIVE@lizelle

Thank you kindly, these will all be sent to @papilloncharity


The details

Comment link:
Transaction link:

Enter transaction hash: 62ba1cb246cc3a59db82890e6e98705e5b98114a
Enter number of draws: 3
Enter number of participants: 13

The draw is from 1 to 13
Input 1 : 62ba1cb246cc3a59db82890e6e98705e5b98114a,0
SHA256 Hash 1 : 910ce46c11f942cbe0fb453ec9c88cb4eefec2af07ebbfb2d40ce0a44b2d560c
Lucky Number # 1 is: 9
Input 2 : 62ba1cb246cc3a59db82890e6e98705e5b98114a,1
SHA256 Hash 2 : d13ede27f0e546ba9b848f66e6ae208e62ee05bf913f64dbc0c36989b31b1664
Lucky Number # 2 is: 9
Input 3 : 62ba1cb246cc3a59db82890e6e98705e5b98114a,2
SHA256 Hash 3 : 4d9356910d971aeda77cdf13ee86a8a0faa3d94bae124ca216c5d1e4a833780b
Lucky Number # 3 is: 4

Here are the numbers assigned based on when the $HBD was received.


The draw is always based on verifiable randomness:


  • We delivered the recently created badges to our beloved supporters. If there's any missing please let me know in the comments section.
  • We gave 5 stars to some VIP users, that is the "Very Involved People" in the project.
  • Here you can check the list of users that received their badges. You can see in the list the current ammount of stars you have.


    Badge Star Description

    Each badge has 5 stars below it that will indicate the levels of participation.
    The total value of each star is 10 points.
    1 point for each hbd and 1 point for each hive donation.
    Get your badge now!



    Week 13 is now open, so any $ HBD sent from now will secure your place in the next draw.


    Transparency is important All donations and 50% of $ HBD collected in the giveaway will be sent to @papilloncharity, a trusted, registered and verified charity on Hive. See the Introductory Post for more information about this initiative.

    Subscribe to @combination so you don't miss a draw

    Disclaimer: The purpose of this initiative is to encourage donations to registered charities. The draw is decided by verifiable random number generation (RNG). Please see the Detailed Terms and Conditions for more about how it works. Participation is optional.

    Once again, thank you to all of those who participated and good luck in the next giveaway.

    ~ Please comment below if you have any questions or concerns ~


Keep spreading the love around. Supported with CHARY upvote.

Wow, cool - I won this week and I have got this beautiful badge with 5 stars already, thank you so much 😊

Cheers and !BEER

Congratulations on this successful feat. Keep winning.

Thank you :)

Cheers and !BEER


Thank you very much 😃

Cheers and !BEER

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Well done @johannpiber and @preparedwombat goods deed done in supporting always in every way!

Congratulations on another week running @combination

You guy are doing good job

Hey @combination, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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