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After talking to caring community members, we decided to make this an interesting, responsible, and very important step for the community. Doing good deeds is important for karma, as well as for recognizing the Hive and Hive UA brands. Our task is to work together to raise funds to support all kinds of initiatives, which will be chosen by the community and the initiative group.

So meet our initiative group:

Project initiator @rollie1212 and author of the #rolliemusicfromatoz challenge
Curator Chary @cranium
Curator @teamukraine - @gengua
Crypto Exchange @cryptex24

Want to join the initiative? - write your thoughts/ideas in the comments!

You can join the fundraiser:

  • by sending any amount to the @hiveuacharity wallet
  • make @hiveuacharity the beneficiary of your post by setting any percentage
  • write a post with the hashtag #chary and the official hashtag of the initiative #hiveuacharity about our initiative and send tokens CHARY to the wal
  • let @hiveuacharity in Hive Engine
  • Share this post

#choose a fund for cooperation:

CHARY token

Many thanks to @achimmertens for making CHARY token initiative possible! Please follow him and consider buying some tokens

How can I participate


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