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RE: Chary Whitelist - Charity Projects Which Are Worthy To Be Supported

in Charity8 months ago (edited)

Thanks so much @achimmertens for the chary project that is really impacting lives of very many people in Uganda.

I participated in the Nobel token on steem and here I am still participating in the Chary project which is just a re-brand of the great Nobel project.

Thanks so much for the recognition and the continued support to my different charity initiatives. Will keep on doing my best to add value to Chary token system.

I formed a separate account for the tennis charity project @m-tennis-academy. I hope you can consider adding it as well to the while list.


Hi Yohan,

Thank you!
It's good to see, that you are also still very active on helping people and here on hive. I will replace your name with @m-tennis-academy the next time I update the whitelist.

Thanks so much Achim! I will keep doing my best.