MIssing out on this Might hurt, Claim 1 Free alpha pack by the dcrops hive game

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why I am posting this here, well probably because I want the proofofbrain community to enjoy the benefit of this airdrop too. The Dcorps hive game will be airdrop a pack of alpha to just 100 people and at the time of writing, just 55 has been claimed.

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So, there is still time to claim and it is advisable not to lose out on this. at the moment it doesn't have value as it is not yet on the market but the presales of the Alpha packs starts on the 19th of January.

without wasting time, here is how to claim;

so that's all you need to do to receive a pack of alpha cards.

to read more about this, kindly click the link below


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I should be doing some real farming instead.

lol, will love to work on a frame alongside you. funny enough I missed out on the distribution and I don't know why yet. moved on already

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