Beautiful life is the future of beautiful future

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Bismillah Rahman Rahim

Thank you so much in the court of the great Rabbul Alamin. We are alive in this world now. Hope everybody is well and healthy. I see the block lease now.

On the way to life we ​​meet many people. Many people talk. Many people follow the rules. Every human being in this world is engaged in some or the other work. All the people of this world want to build themselves more beautifully in this beautiful world.


There are very few people among us who stop dreaming in this world and most people dream in this world, new dreams, new hopes, new hopes, new thinking, every human being starts his career, every human being wants to fulfill his dreams. The desires that will fulfill his family's dreams, the desires that he earns in the right way through his deeds, they create a mindset of thinking.

But most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. If we get something in a very ordinary way, if we accept it without any difficulty, then we do not understand the value of that thing. My attraction to that thing is that our Maya love for that thing is much more

Most of the people in this world try to use their knowledge and intellect to work in this way. We are all human beings who we think are living happily ever after in this world. The story behind their history, if we look at their history, if we know the story behind them, we will understand how much they have suffered and how much pursuit. Success has achieved this happiness peace

The people of our world only talk about the success of any person but how that person has achieved success, how many obstacles have been overcome and how the success has come. In fact, the people of this world do not want to know. The man has done this. The man has done this. Different kinds of mentality are created in them. But a person cannot come and ask. We don't spend any time with ourselves like asking someone about the thought mentality


But not all the people of this world were happy after their own success, but there are many people in this world who needed to fulfill their dreams, but they could not make their lives happy, the kind of happiness they hoped for. Despite living in peace, they have not been able to make their life happy. In fact, it has become like a kind of rule of man. And the day laborer who earns a little money every day has no end of happiness and lives in that happiness

The only word for all of us in this world is that if you have money you can buy happiness in this world. This is a complete misconception. There is no way you can accept it. What do you do with that money? You make a lot of money. You can't move freely every moment of your life. You have to have two or three people by your side. There are a lot of people who will do it and see if a person tries to earn a little money through which he can only collect his food and can't do anything. No.


Yes we need money

We have some basic needs of our human race that we have to fulfill which is a right of every one of our human beings.

  • Education

  • Accommodation

  • Treatment

  • Food also etc.

These are just some of the things that every human being needs, which we cannot deny. At every step of the way, these things are very important. No human being can survive in this world. There are various struggles of human beings in this world for food

Death is another name for life!

Because if you during the meal
You see, there is no food. If you want to eat, cook and eat.

Sometimes when I went to cook in a state of extreme hunger, I saw that there was no market, would you cook?

So much for food.
Then came the various works.
Get out of the company as soon as you have time Must read

If there is a slight deficiency they will still be angry for your illness or something else.

Because you are big so anger is on you.
But who will you do it to?
No, you don't have to be angry. So what?


Before going to bed at night I remembered your test in the month ahead. At the end of the day you have to sit down to read.

You need to know more about Quran and Hadith for the company and for you.
Now when you go to search for the company's work all day, you see the mobile low battery and it says please recharge.

How many notices are there at night?
It's three o'clock at night.
Need to go to bed a little early. One tomorrow morning

There are important cricket matches.
Go to bed and see that the personal computer is on.

Your roommate is having a little fun.
What do you tell him?
Answer brother, sleep does not come.

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