Stimulating brain with ultrasound can influence decisions

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Find out the type of your brain by answering 8 questions

Take a few short answers to see if you are affected by any kind of brain. There are usually two types of brain present. One is the right brain and the other is the left brain. Answer these questions to find out which brain is influenced by your thoughts, needs and desires ...

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Web Desk: Take a few short answers to see what kind of brain you are affected by. There are usually two types of brain present. One is the right brain and the other is the left brain. Answer these questions to find out which brain is influenced by your thoughts, needs and desires ...

What kind of people do your friends vote for?

  • One of the most popular people in the workplace
  • An antisocial person

On what basis do you wear clothes while going to work?

  • Whatever comes to mind then take it later
  • What to wear if you plan from the night

Simultaneously when working on two types of projects

  • Finish one job and then do another
  • Do two things at once

If you get a week off to visit a beach, then so be it

  • Take your parents

  • Take a friend or partner

Watching tragic movies

  • Cry a little
  • Controls emotions

When arguing with parents or friends

  • Uses drama and imagination
  • Uses logic and information

If most of the answers are '1', then

You are affected by the left brain. You love to obey anyone’s orders in life. Also prefers to listen rather than talk. However you are able to solve any problem very slowly and steadily. I want to pass the difficult time of life through reason without giving place to emotion. Besides, you are a realistic person.

If most of the answers are '2',

You are affected by the right brain. When you think of doing something good. That's when the problem in your life peeks out. But all the people around you love you for your use. Of course you love to dream a little more. Most of the time you get lost in that dream world. But you are a creative person. Likes to make all decisions based on emotions.

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New cells are formed in the brain throughout life


A new study has found that new cells are formed in the human brain almost throughout life. The process is thought to last at least 96 years.

It has long been thought that the number of cells in the brain at birth will remain the same throughout life, so the new idea will be widely debated.

A team of researchers at the University of Madrid has also shown that the number of new cell formation stops with age.

And in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, the number of cells decreases dramatically so such research for dementia creates new ideas.

Most of the cells in our brain, known as neurons, send electrical signals to themselves and this process begins at birth.

Studies in other mammals have shown that new cells are formed in their brains later in life. But in the case of humans, the emergence of new neurons, or what is called 'neurogenesis', is a matter of debate.

The study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, looked at the brains of 57 dead people. Whose age range was 43 to 96.

The main focus is on the part of the brain called the hippocampus - which plays a role in memory and emotion control. For example, this part of the brain is used to remember where you have parked your car.

New neurons

Neurons are not fully formed in the brain from birth, and are matured as they grow and mature.

Researchers have been able to pinpoint these immature or 'new' neurons in the brain.

In a healthy brain, the amount of neurogenesis or growth of neurons is found to be 'slightly lower' with age.

"I believe that neurons are growing in new ways as long as people are learning something new. And this is happening in every moment of our lives."

But the case is different for Alzheimer's patients.

In the early stages of Alzheimer's, the number of new neurons grows from 30,000 per millimeter to 20,000.

Dr. According to Lawrence-Martin, "at the very beginning of the disease this reduction is 30%."

Alzheimer's disease is not yet curable.

However, many studies using this method have failed in the past week, and recent studies have shown that something more special is happening early in the disease.

Dr. Lawrence-Martin says his knowledge can be used to understand why neurogenesis is slowing down in Alzheimer's and normal age-related diseases.

But he thinks the next step in this study may be to observe the brains of living people. To see what happens there over time.

Alzheimer's Research UK research chief said. "If we ever start to lose nerve cells early in life, this study shows that new cells will continue to form later, even for 90 years," said Rosa Sancho.

However, he called for more research on this.

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Here are some interesting facts you need to know about the human brain

New online desk, 12 May. Today we will know some interesting facts about the human brain- 1) The human brain has the ability to do 1015 calculations per second. An adult is able to think about 60,000 things every day. 2) There are 100 billion neurons in the brain. The minimum speed of information movement in human neurons is about 256.490 miles / hour. The human brain can exchange information from a minimum of 0.5 m / s to a maximum of 120


There are a hundred miles long sub-veins in the brain. 3) Although the elephant's brain is larger than the human brain, the elephant's brain is 0.25 percent of its body whereas the human brain is two parts of its body weight. This means that the human brain is the largest. The human brain is about 3 times larger than that of other mammals.

Although it is only 2% of the total volume of the human body, it alone consumes more than 20% of the total energy produced in the body. 4) The brain uses about 20 percent of the total oxygen in the body. Like oxygen, about 20 percent of the blood is exchanged by the brain. The lining of the brain is about twice the weight of the brain.

  1. About 75% of the human brain is water. As a child, a human brain weighs 350-400 grams. In adulthood which increases to 1300-1400 g. From the time of birth, the human brain comes in the shape of a full-grown human brain, and the brain comes in almost complete cells.

  2. The brain does not grow after the age of 18. When you have a fever, remember that the maximum heat tolerance of the human brain is 115.6 degrees Fahrenheit and that is how long a person can live. 6) When people have to endure excessive stress, brain cells, structure or size and function are disrupted.

A hormone called oxytocin is secreted from the brain and is responsible for love and self-control. 6) If the brain does not receive blood for 8 to 20 seconds, then people lose consciousness. However, the brain does not have any pain-collecting organs so the brain never feels pain. The adult human brain can only survive 5 minutes without oxygen.

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