What is success? Success is hidden in the human perspective?

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Success is hidden in the human perspective

Success requires faith and belief requires determination. A survey by Harvard University found that 80-90% of people get a job because of their vision.


Many people have a diamond mine at their fingertips but can't use it for the right perspective. The grass on the other side of the river looks very bright, it looks like a green lilac but in reality it is another kind of remote possibility that inspires the human mind. Opportunity - The one who does not have the ability to understand the possibilities, even if the opportunity comes and knocks on his door, he will not feel it.


What is success?

To be honest, there is no such thing as a definition of success. Success is the name of the game for those who have reached the pinnacle of success. There is no secret to success.

Success is not about reaching a destination, success is about getting out on a journey. No force outside can give you the feeling of success. You have to realize this feeling on your own. All success is zero except spiritual perfection.

If you do nothing, the winning voice will not be heard, those who keep their strength will never give up, failure is just a test.

The Secret of Our Success: How Culture Is Driving Human Evolution, Domesticating Our Species, and Making Us Smarter

If you want to be successful, then increase the failure rate, then success will attack you. After success, people only see success in their minds and no one sees the failure behind it. People want to hear success stories No one wants to hear failure stories. People also say that they were in the right place at the right time so they got success. In fact, no one is in the right place, everyone has to buy the right place, time is not right for anyone, time has to be fixed.

How to achieve success?

I can't make the right decision. Just as there is happiness in life, there is also sorrow. Happiness is sorrow for a limited period of time, which lasts a lifetime.


Not only do unsuccessful people go through difficult times or bad times, but successful people also go through bad and difficult times. Be patient in bad times, one day you will be able to say goodbye to these by playing the flute of victory.

The seed of a tree cannot decide which tree it will be, whether it will be rice seed or mango seed.


The 5 qualities that help people achieve success?

  • Decision

Your decision can change you. The decision you need to start a business depends on how successful your job is.

The driving force behind success comes from decision making, believing that the human mind can achieve what it envisions. Success and prosperity are the result of human thought and decision. We need to decide what thoughts affect our lives. Success is not a surprise, it is the result of many days of hard work.

  • Responsibility:

Brave people take responsibility. Those who have fear in their minds are afraid to take responsibility. Taking responsibility means taking risks. Most people want to live comfortably without responsibility, but responsibility is something that has to be taken one day or another.

You have to take responsibility, considering the justice, will you be able to do this work at all? If you think you can do it, take responsibility for it.

Four Noble Truths (Wikipedia link)

Taking responsibility means making the right decision by observing all the details. Be responsible and you will be able to do all the work very easily. Tell the story of a responsible person.

Achieve Success Faster With These 10 Tips

The chairman of a company writes two letters to the new chairman at the time of departure and says in a separate envelope that when there is a management problem which is not possible for you to deal with, the first envelope will be opened, the second envelope will be opened when this company The responsibility will be opened

A few years later, when there was a serious crisis, the chairman opened the first envelope from his cupboard and saw that the next chairman should be blamed for the crisis. A few years later another crisis came and I opened the 2nd envelope and saw that it said your day is over. Write 2 such envelopes and leave them for the next chairman. Responsible people admit their mistakes and there is no lesson from this mistake.

“The duty that turns into desire is the source of joy in the end. “

  • Hard work:

There is no success overnight. Everyone wants to be a winner but how many can be a winner. Winning requires hard work and self-sacrifice.

If you think people have achieved success quickly by doing what they do, you have just seen their success and there is no telling how much work they have put behind this success.

Lazy time is a waste of time and leisure time is hard work to earn. There are many people who use this leisure time to convert it into money because if they work on one thing in their head, it will pay off.

Commitment grows from conviction. If you start getting results, then hard work will no longer feel like hard work. It will be like a game. We can always learn from nature if we want. Don't look at how beautifully the duck moves in the water, but its hard work is not always smooth and calm above.

Honestly, there is no magic or mantra of success, there is only premature hard work. Success comes from those who work. Not those who see. Don't look at the horse that pulls the cart, he can't kick the horse. Again the horse that kicks cannot pull the horse cart.

  • Perseverance:

There is no substitute for perseverance. Every human being needs perseverance, those who are skilled also need perseverance, many people in this world have skills but they cannot be successful, they do not have the strength of perseverance. It is not easy to fully express your abilities.

There are many obstacles along the way, winners have the ability to overcome these obstacles and return to work with a tougher promise.

Without dependence, responsibility and flexibility of character, efficiency becomes a burden. Regardless of age, experience and educational qualifications, there is always a demand for low-income individuals.

Perseverance is the commitment to finish the work that has been started. You may have seen a lot of people around you work so hard in the beginning, but their constant hard work cannot end because they do not have tolerance. Perseverance can be achieved if the goal is fixed. The man who has no purpose in life, can never be persistent, and can never achieve the fullness of life.


  • Positive faith

Faith is power. Every human being takes one or the other positive attitude. It helps us to use our abilities. Living with a positive attitude is easy but living a negative life is not easy.

There is no substitute for practicing positive thinking to keep your mind well. Follow these for the power of positive thinking.

  • Give yourself a gift. Your own small success

  • Through enjoyment. Learn to forgive people.

  • Fear of failure is not. Failure is just a test.

  • Don't let failure fix you.

  • Remember to get big things you have to sacrifice small things.

  • Be constructive. Criticize yourself Do not allow others to criticize you.

  • Connect yourself with those who think positively. Try to be with positive friends or people.

  • Engage yourself in the things that you like. Use only positive words when speaking.

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