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Everyone has the right to privacy. This privacy can be in the case of any correspondence or any communication. Any information is part of your privacy. The issue of personal privacy is also a constitutional right.


How it is violated

Personal privacy can be violated in many ways. It is often seen that people close to him reveal all the secrets. Suppose you have given some information to someone you trust or know about your personal information. In case of sudden monomalignment, it is seen that the secret issues are spread on various social media or threatened to be given. Even personal videos or pictures of themselves are often seen spreading. When a husband and wife break up, they often leave their personal photos or videos online to humiliate each other.


There are also cases of mental torture by taking personal matters hostage. In some cases, it can spread through hackers without their knowledge. We publish a lot of our personal information on Facebook and other media. This can also violate their privacy. Again, their phone numbers, e-mails, bank account numbers can be spread to various organizations or individuals in various ways.

What is a security breach and how to avoid one?

It is important to keep in mind that if the state can take different information at different times in the interest of security, it may not be in violation of privacy. Even if the media publishes reasonable information about a person in a news release, it may not be a violation of personal privacy.

How to resort to the law

If someone violates the privacy of another person and tarnishes the image of another person, it will be a crime. It is a crime for anyone to disclose personal information without their knowledge and even if it is defamatory. It is a crime for a husband to publish obscene or misleading pictures of his wife. There is an opportunity to resort to law to remedy such allegations.


If the crime is committed online or electronically, then a case can be filed under the Information and Communication Technology Act 2006 (Amendment 2013) by filing a complaint with the police station. In addition, lawsuits can be filed under the Pornography Control Act 2012. If a person captures a woman, a man or a child in any temptation, knowingly or unknowingly, with stills, videos or films, he is liable to a maximum of seven years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 2 lakh.

Resort to Any Security Sample Clauses

It is a punishable offense to defame a person socially or personally through pornography or to extort money or any other benefit through intimidation. Mental torture through pornography, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is punishable by up to five years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 2 lakh. Apart from these laws, there is an opportunity to file defamation suit under the penal code.


People are Ashraful Makhlukat. His honor and dignity is above all. To uphold this status, Islam has imposed four prohibitions on violating personal privacy.

  • The children will ask permission at three o'clock before entering the room of the elders: Irshad has said, ‘O you who believe! Let your servants and those of you who have not reached the age of puberty seek your permission at three times: before Fajr, at noon when you take off your clothes, and after Isha. These three times are the time of privacy. There is no blame on you and them after this time. You have to travel to each other, thus Allah makes clear to you the clear verses. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. '(Surah: Noor, Ayat: 56)

  • No entry into one's home without permission: Never enter one's home without permission. No matter how long it takes to get his permission! In this regard, the Holy Qur’an says, ‘O you who believe, do not enter houses other than your own, unless you have given permission and greeted the people of the house. That is better for you, so that you may take heed. '(Surah: Noor, verse: 27). If someone knocks on your door and asks for permission three times but does not respond, you should go back. Narrated Abu Sa'id Khudri: Abu Musa asked permission three times to enter the room of Umar and he did not get any permission. Umar (ra) later asked him, ‘Why did you go back? permission, so I did not enter." He called Allah to witness the truth, but they did so and He let him go. (Ibn Majah)

  • Spying is forbidden: You should never have a bad opinion of anyone, be it husband, wife, siblings or anyone else. And spying on anyone is also forbidden. Irshad said, ‘O you who believe! Certainly some ideas are sinful. And do not seek each other's secrets .... '(Surah: Hujurat, verse: 12)

  • Blasphemy of others is forbidden: Blasphemy or blasphemy creates an atmosphere of irrelevance and violence in the society. This violates the privacy of others. Almighty Allah has commanded His servants to refrain from this heinous act. Irshad said, ‘... let none of you slander anyone. In fact, you hate it. '(Surah: Hujurat, verse: 12)

Abu Huraira (ra) asked the Prophet (sa), how is it? He said, ‘If a person repents after committing adultery, his sins are forgiven. But the sins of those who gossip are not forgiven until the opponent forgives them. '(Tirmidhi, Hadith: 2412). When our privacy is violated, we become furious and aggressive. So by teaching others the verses and hadiths of the Qur'an, we can make others aware and act on our own.


Keep your secrets to others

Everything should be said out loud and not shared with everyone. There are some things in life that you need to keep secret from the world around you. You can talk to someone with an open mind, but the meaning of this open mind should not be to gossip about everything. At least seven things you must keep secret from others, which you always say. From now on, learn to keep these secrets and feel the change in your life.

Secrets You Should Always Keep To Yourself

Your partner's problem

Your partner may have a habit that may not always be comfortable for you. But don't share them with people. Protecting her privacy should be a priority, not sharing. Even after a breakup, most people have a tendency to say bad things about their ex. That's not right.

Your goal

Most of us have goals in life, things we want to achieve. Because if you find something more interesting and stop working on your stated goals, everyone will start asking you questions. Then one has to explain oneself or give an explanation. Once you share what you want, not everyone has something positive to say. There will be negative comments, you can get bad ideas from people with complex mentality and there is also a point of 'looking'!

Letting go of good work

If you do something good for someone, keep it to yourself. Especially when it comes to charity work. Being proud of what you have done will make people turn a blind eye and it really does happen. Let others talk about you, they will automatically appreciate you when they see the results.

Your bank account and balance

If nothing else, at least keep secret how much money you have for your own safety. There are also many people who, when they smell money, will try different strategies to get hold of them.

Your weakness

Everyone has some or the other weakness. No man is perfect. You must have some such weakness. But never say that to everyone. Most will have fun behind the scenes. Fight with confidence to overcome your weaknesses, no matter how big or small.

Family drama

No family is perfect! From a distance, everything may seem beautiful and perfect, but as you get closer, the idea may change. If you have any problems with your family members, talk to a therapist or a trusted friend. Not everyone needs to know about your family. The people you are talking to now about your family, regardless of their own family situation, will go back and make fun of you. Maybe they comforted you face to face. Why make your personal life the subject of meaningless gossip?

Your talent

Let the world see your talent when the opportunity arises. Don't be arrogant, wait for the right time and place. When you reach the goal, you will not get the kind of compliments you give in advance, on the contrary, people will try to discourage you in various ways.

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