IAAC #153 Llego la lluvia para encerrarme :D

in We Are Alive Tribelast year (edited)

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se vino la lluvia a mi ciudad y no me dejo salir a hacer mis trabajos, por esto me tuve que quedar en mi casa encerrado todo el dia.

The rain came to my city and he didn't let me go out to do my work, that's why I had to stay indoors all day.

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Great to see you alive and well man, and sorry that the rain makes you stay inside, but it also makes things grow, and you have more time to spend on Hive, enjoy your day.

thanks a lot my friend :D, You speak Spanish very well, because you understood perfectly what I said in the video

Thanks but I do not speak Spanish, that was just my own thoughts on the rain, or maybe I read your mind lol.