I am alive challenge day 148 - Today was a good day

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Hoy hablo sobre lo que hice durante la tarde después de realizar algunas cosas más importantes, he dejado mucho de lado esta comunidad. La mayoría de las veces que subo algún video es para sacar un poco de angustia que tengo por dentro, no me gusta sonar y hablar como alguien que da lástima pero a decir verdad a veces me siento así, como si estuviera dando vueltas en círculos.


Today I talk about what I did during the afternoon after doing some more important things, I have left a lot of this community aside. Most of the times that I upload a video it is to take out a little anguish that I have inside, I do not like to sound and speak like someone who gives pity but to tell the truth sometimes I feel that way, as if I am going around in circles.

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Sorry for feeling that way simply because you wish to share the truth with us via a video.
Well, the truth is always bitter and peppery.
I hope you had a wonderful day?

thanks a lot :D

You're welcome