AAC Day 26 = Got To Play and Redesign the Dynamic of Your Life


I had been in and out of 2 clinics yesterday and today and also in #hive for a bit.

More ? marks about my health but also some light.
I'm writing this for you and also for me now.


You are never ready for what is to come, but you become ready.

We often go back to where we started several times, hoping that hell will get air conditioning in the meantime.

Bad news - it doesn't happen.

Maybe hell is becoming more bearable at the moment, because I came with the fan (= as in: new resources to manage what I really wanted to change - health, friendship dynamics, work, etc ...).

But in the end, resources shouldn't help me stay in hell any longer.

💡 Resources are meant to get me out of hell and close the gate behind me.

🔔 As a brief conclusion of what I wanted to share with you: and when you think you have nothing to do, you still have something to do. And when you think you can't, you can.

It is important not to give up. Go step by step, after you have set a clear direction (as much as possible at time X), in the direction of your goals and mission.

Thank you for reading,
@regenerette - a simple life traveler



excellent message dear friend @regenerette very thoughtful.
while there is life there is hope, while there is waiting there is why to fight
stay safe and take care dear friend
I wish you happy dreams

Sweet hugs. Good-night, beautiful soul!

This is a beautiful post I hope your health is better.

Maybe hell is becoming more bearable at the moment, because I came with the fan

Funny but true, some situation deserves being compared as hell but we tend to survive it and overcome the situation.

May we never give up on our goals

Hugs and thank you so much for your words!

You're most welcome 🙂