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Today is satday , November 27 and I am Happy to be alive.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Assalamu Alaikum, I hope everyone is well. Thank you very much in the court of the great Lord Almighty


Another new year has come. Have you ever wondered if so many years have passed, all the years of your life have been happy or the best? Almost everyone will answer "no"! Someone will say that the year I got GPA of 5 in SSC was the best year of my life. Someone will say that the year I have admitted to the university of my dreams was the best year of my life.

So it turns out, after so many years, you remember those two or three years in your life very well. You still feel good when you think of those years and happy moments. This means that if a person lives an average of 70 years, the happiest and most memorable moment in his life is 5 years in all. However, the remaining 55 years have been lost from his life. In the remaining 55 years, nothing significant has happened in his life!

So how do you write today to make 2019 a happy and memorable year of your life? Not only 2019, if we want, we can make every moment of life happy. That is why we have to live every moment of our lives. But life is very short. Suppose you are 20 now and if you live to be 60, you have already passed one third of your life! Have you been able to leave anything for this third of your life, for yourself, for the world, for society, for the country, or for the people around you?

At the beginning of 2019, let's plan how we can make the rest of our lives happy, how to build a beautiful human life and the world with our own hands.

  • Learn to love yourself:

You can't make your life happy unless you learn to love yourself. If you love yourself, you will not do anything that will hurt or hurt you in the next life. If you love yourself, you will always be more concerned about your health, education and life. Love yourself as well as be confident in yourself.

  • Value every moment of life:

We all get sick more or less in life. Many times we or our loved ones have to be hospitalized. So at least we all went to the hospital. Have you ever been to cancer hospitals? They know at your age they may not live long. There is not much left in their lives! Every moment of life is much more precious to them.

So they are trying to enjoy every moment of life. In the same way, every moment in the life of all of us is much more valuable. The time that is passing today will never come back. Suppose now you are studying in school. This is school life but one day you will miss it very much. So value every moment of life and try to make every moment of life happy.

  • Happiness and suffering are both relative:

Happiness and suffering are absolutely relative. For some, being happy means watching the sunset on the beach in Cox's Bazar, while for others, it is a lot of fun to go home and buy food Just as suffering is relative. So don't be discouraged when you see posts or pictures of someone having fun on social media.

No. But one day when you go to eat in a good restaurant, you are giving that picture. Similarly, there is no reason to think that the people you see on social media are always happy. There is joy and sorrow in everyone's life. Everyone in this world has to go through hardships. Maybe we don't see or feel the pain of others.

  • Self-satisfaction - the key to happiness:

Yes, complacency is one of the key to happiness. Be content with what you have. You're upset because of that. But look around you, many people your age are far from buying mobile phones, their basic needs are not being met.

She may not be able to attend a good school-college like you. You can't retire if you want to, you can't buy story books. So be content with what you get. Always remember that there are more people in this world than you.

  • Strong weapon smile:

If anyone asks me what is the most powerful weapon in this world? I would say, "Laugh." Because none of the world's weapons, atomic bombs could bring peace to the earth, only created unrest in the world. But only this smile can solve many problems of the world and bring peace in the world. Suppose someone teases you and you learn to laugh without getting excited. Yes, this is the manifestation of your tolerance. Let me share a small incident that happened in my life.

Once I was going to Kolkata by train. A gentleman from Calcutta was talking about various problems of Bangladeshis in the light of recent events. I was just smiling. After a while, the man became upset and said, "Grandpa, are you really Bangladeshi?" I smiled again. This time the gentleman sat down and said, “I used to hear that Bangladeshis are very angry. Gets excited a little, a little angry

The anger starts. They are not as tolerant as we are. You can understand it only by looking at the posts and comments on the India-Bangladesh match. ”I smiled again. In this way, a single smile may have created suspicion in the mind of the man that he was thinking wrong?

  • Give the family more time:

So give more time to the people who love you. After all the school, work, family is your own place where all the fatigue and exhaustion of the day can be forgotten. Build friendly relationships with parents, siblings. In this way you can share any problem of life with your family. So you will never feel alone, you will always feel like you have your family by your side.

  • Keep the dignity of friendship:

We do not have the opportunity to choose who will be our parents or siblings in this world. That was fixed by the Creator before we were born. But we have the opportunity to choose friends. You will need a friend in every moment of your life. It is not possible to fight any battle alone in this world, you need a friend beside you.

So always try to keep the dignity of friendship in life. Don't be jealous of your friend's success, thank him more and help him move forward. He will help you move forward in your life.

  • Make others laugh:

Always try to do things that make others smile because of you. Let no one suffer because of you. You will see that it will bring self-satisfaction among you. The joy of putting a smile on someone else's face is not like expressing it in words. Come forward to the needs of the people next to you.

Don't be deprived of the joy of having a different kind of joy in coming forward in the need of others. You can't be good in the world alone, you have to be good with everyone. If you have hurt someone unknowingly, express your sorrow to him.

  • Not three:

Don't say jealousy, hatred and arrogance. Never be jealous of anyone. Don't be jealous of someone's success but encourage them more. Do not hate anyone of any class or society. Love him Don't be arrogant as you are studying in a famous school-college or university of the country.

The one who can't be like you, maybe he didn't get a chance like you. Even if you don't get a chance like you, you will see that many of them are far ahead of you. If you had the chance, they would have gone a long way. So get rid of violence, hatred and arrogance from your life and unite with all people. See how beautiful the world is!

Famous film actor Amitabh Bachchan recounts an incident in his personal life,

I was at the peak of my career then. One day I was going by plane. A gentleman in a very simple shirt and pants was sitting next to me, looking like an educated and elegant middle class man.

The other passengers were very excited to recognize me but I noticed the gentleman had no frown. He was reading a newspaper with one mind and sometimes looking out the window at what he was thinking. Tea was served, he elegantly drank tea in silence, I noticed.

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