I am alive Challenge - Day 61

Today is Monday , November 22 and I am Happy to be alive.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Assalamu Alaikum, I hope everyone is well. Thank you very much in the court of the great Lord Almighty

How much you want to enjoy is a relative matter. Some people are a little happy, but some people want to destroy the wealth of seven men alone. So there is no fixed road to enjoy life that applies to everyone.


Yet I can give an average idea. E.g.-

First, learning to understand life. When you realize that nothing in this world matters, and everything is temporary, you will have no greed. You will continue to spend your days smiling as much as you can catch on your own. A little more, a little more - don't get sick. Do not judge your own situation by others. Read books, mingle with people, try to do what feels good in an honest and humane way.
Keep the foundation of life strong.

Relationships with your loved ones, your main occupation and your personality - don't let them get in the way. Do not hesitate to give up your interests for them. Because what you get from these is happiness. Don't mess with small things. Learn to accept.

Healthy body and stable mind. Try to follow the rules for this. Be cheap and expensive - protect nutrition. Also read books and keep your thoughts organized. Keep your clothes and accommodation clean. Make time for yourself, take care of yourself without worrying about yourself. With experience comes a balance between everything.

Give time value. Whatever happens will happen, but try to move forward a little. Try to do something every day.

Listen to music, especially Rabindra Sangeet, and get involved with your life. Every human being has to have one last refuge. For some, it may be a hobby, a service to man or nature, a religious activity, or something else, in which case, keep yourself calm.

See, if you want, you can say many more things like this. But if you are healthy, if you do not have any additional worries, then in any case you are actually good. What I need outside of this, I say, is -

You laugh when you are happy. But stand in front of the mirror and see how long you like the smile on your face. Therefore, if your behavior towards others can make them smile, and you can see that, then happiness like that is nothing else. So avoiding arbitrariness is the mantra of enjoyment.

I thanks to @flaxz for the initiative.
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