The prince married a frog

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There is a king whose three sons are all of the age to marry. In order to prevent them from fighting when choosing a bride, the king said to them: "You use slings to throw stones far away, and wherever the stone falls, you will marry the girl you choose."

The elder son threw the stone on the roof of a bakery, and he found a beautiful breadmaker. The second son threw the stone into the home of a weaver worker. But the stone thrown by the younger son fell into a ditch, and he only found a frog.

The king gave each son some hemp and said: "Let your fiancée spin it in three days, and the one who spins the best fiancee will inherit the throne."

Three days later, both brothers brought the line. The thread spun by the bread girl is beautiful, and the weaving girl is even better. The little prince embarrassedly brought a walnut from a frog. The king opened the walnut and took out a ball of thin thread from it, as thin as a spider web. The king pulled and pulled, and the pulled thread filled the entire hall.

But the king was unwilling to let a frog be the queen just like that. So he gave three more puppies to the three princes and said: "Bring them to your fiancée to raise them, and bring them back one month later, whoever raises them well is the queen."

A month later, the dog raised by the bread girl grew into a fat hound, but the dog raised by the weaver girl looked thin and thin. The little prince brought the dog with bright fur and various skills. So the king said: "There is no doubt that the youngest son will inherit the throne and the frog will become the queen."

The wedding of the three princes is scheduled to be held on the same day. The two older brothers took the four-horse-drawn cart to pick up the bride. The little prince came to the ditch. The frog was waiting for him on a cart made of leaves pulled by four snails. They set off, the little prince was walking in front, and the snails followed behind with the frog on the leaf. Along the way, the little prince had to stop several times to wait for the frog, and the last time he even fell asleep. When he woke up, he found a carriage made of gold parked in front of him with a beautiful girl sitting in it.

The little prince asked: "Who are you?"

"I am a frog. I was originally a princess. I was turned into a frog. Only when I met a prince who never knew my beauty but was willing to marry me, would I be transformed into a person again."

The king was full of joy, and in this way, the little prince and his bride became king and queen.