Weapons story

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Once upon a time, an old policeman was living in a hut. The old cop used to put his gun under his pillow while he slept. One night the old cop fell asleep and his gun slipped from his pillow.

"The old cop is too old, I have to move to a younger owner!" Thought Gun.

This gun comes out and roams the streets. He came to the parking lot while taking a walk. There are so many cars in the parking lot!

"Okay, just this one!" This shot hits a very beautiful car that is lying in front of the car door.

The owner of the car seldom comes to pick up his car, he is a very stocky young man, wearing sunglasses and a black coat, with a nice briefcase under his arm.

"Wow, this is so handsome, just like the owner I imagined!" This gun is very happy.

The young man walked quickly to the car and took out his car keys. Because he was walking too fast, he did not see any guns under his feet. The weapon flew several meters when the door opened.

"Too bad, it looks like we don't have fate!" The gun muttered to itself in the distance.

The young man was suddenly stunned and followed him with his head lowered and running towards the gun.

"Hey, what gun!" The young man quickly looked around and quickly took out his gun and put it in his trouser pocket.

Now this gun is under the pillow of the new owner. This feeling was very different from the feeling of being under the pillow of an old cop. The gun felt full of energy!

The gun was held by the new owner the next morning. The new owner was taller and more handsome than the young man!

"Boom bang bang ... Is fourth brother here?" Someone knocks on the door.

The new owner quickly put his gun back under the pillow.

Gun sight is not good, it's back in the hands of the new owner.

"Oh, it was him!" Gun saw a young man standing across from the new owner. He was the young man who picked it up in the parking lot, but he doesn't wear sunglasses or a jacket today.

"How, do you like it, brother?" The young man asked with a smile.

"Very beautiful!" The fourth brother casually put the gun beside him.

"Just like that!" The young man said while sitting down carefully.

"Did anyone see him when you took the gun?" Asked Fourth Brother.

"No! Absolutely not!" The young man quickly stood up straight.

"Oh, so ..." The fourth brother lowered his head thoughtfully.

"Then, if not, you are busy first, I'm going!" The young man pointed at the door.

"All right, go!" The fourth brother nodded.

The young man walked to the door and turned the knob. The door would open, and the fourth brother quickly raised the gun behind the young man's heart and pulled the trigger.

"Bang!" The mouth of the gun immediately opened like a reflex.

The young man fell to the ground!

"Oh my God, the new owner is badass!" Gun was stunned by his actions.

The fourth brother blew blue smoke into the mouth of the air gun.

"One, two, three, four, and four lives!" Brother grek takes out the magazine and counts the bullets in it.

After a quarter of an hour, the fourth brother put a gun in his sleeve and opened the roof window to get out of the house. There was a drain pipe behind the roof and he slipped under the pipe.

"Stop, don't move!" The fourth brother's toes hit the back of his head with a gun.

"Bang!" The person behind the fourth brother died instantly.

"Yes!" The fourth brother kisses the armed cat on his hand and hides behind the house with the others.

The gun closed its eyes in pain! The person who was just killed by the fourth brother was the disciple of the old cop. Even though he didn't see his appearance clearly, he recognized the gun in his hand!

"Bad guy inside, get out!" Other policemen chase him.

The fourth brother raised his hand, the gun's throat itched and finally couldn't help but spit out the bullet. Fortunately, there were no shots!

"Pop!" The other party replied.

"Bah!" The fourth brother pulled the trigger again and the cop was killed on the spot.

Police sirens roared, and all the policemen swarmed to keep the firewood pile tight.

"Go, kill one and get one!" The fourth brother points the gun at the police chief, but the stupid cop doesn't even notice.

Gun feels he has to go!

"Oh!" With a loud bang, the pistol shut its mouth tightly at the most critical moment of launch and shattered itself into pieces.

The fourth brother's face was like broken bread and his body became a beehive.

Gathering the fourth brother's body, several policemen picked up a rod of iron on the ground and took a close look.

"Hey, isn't this the old cop gun?" Someone recognized the number on the iron sheet.

"Where's the old cop?"

"I just suspended my job this morning because I lost my gun!"

"Fortunately, the gun had a problem, exploded!" Someone said.

Later, I don't know if the old police accepted the sentence, but this weapon must be very regrettable. It would be nice if time could come back ...