[Movie Review] Day and Night——-Batman vs. Superman

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  What is the hottest movie nowadays, it is the hit "Batman v Superman". Superman is sunny and a hero of the day, while Batman is the opposite, a hero of the night. What is the effect of the sun and night battle? Come see the movie! Whether it’s Superman or Batman, they are both heroes who fight evil and promote good. Although these two people have a life-and-death battle in the movie, they also cooperate and fight against "monsters" together. Then who is the best of these two buddies? How did the movie go? Let me listen to the author slowly.  The film is adapted from the classic comic "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller. The background of the film is set after the Battle of Gotham at the end of "Superman: Man of Steel". It revolves around the explosion between Batman and Superman. The contradiction unfolds, telling the story of Superman helping mankind solve many problems and becoming the god of mankind, but it aroused the jealousy of Lex Luther, thus provoking the battle between Batman and Superman.


  Sci-Fi Comic Movie  This is first a sci-fi movie, and then a movie adapted from comics. There is a popular saying on the Internet: Superman relies on super powers, Iron Man relies on high-tech, Spiderman relies on spiders, and Batman Master Wayne relies on money! You read that right, Master Wayne is very rich! The master developed a variety of high-tech equipment, weapons, bat suits, batmobiles and other very "sci-fi" equipment for "transformation" based on his own wealth. Needless to say, Superman's alien identity is very much in line with science fiction. However, such sci-fi movies are not known as "authentic" sci-fi movies like "2001: A Space Odyssey", but are based on popular sci-fi comics and are not based on science. Which is better? As long as there is an audience with a box office, there will be investors and film companies shooting, so the two are not incapable of coexistence, and there is no opposition. They both serve the audience and make money for the film company. China’s domestic science fiction movies have never been able to get up, and we can also draw some inspiration from this kind of science fiction comics. Another "Batman" and "Superman" have a wide range of comic readers, which also laid the foundation for the box office of such science fiction movies. basis.  Who defines the comic movie?  The name of the film is "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and it works very well. A few words almost summarize the main content of the film. It doesn't matter whether the movie is spoiled or not, because the name of the movie is almost spoiled from the beginning. As the representative of the day, Superman’s original sunny and positive image is set in the film as a fledgling hero, with various unconfidence, plus some "confusion" after "famous", so Superman in this film was criticized by some media Said to be the most narcissistic and most hooded version of Superman Batman is still quite satisfactory. Ben Affleck was not favored by some fans when he first starred, and he was considered not the best candidate to play Batman. However, in terms of temperament, age and image, Ben Affleck is already very suitable. .  The plot is a bit confusing for "ordinary audiences" who have never read the original comics. When the author was watching the movie, a male audience next to him actually snored and fell asleep in 60 minutes! The first half of the movie did spend a lot of time preparing the two heroes and brewing feelings. Although it’s a bit boring, it’s not an exaggeration, because the protagonists are Superman and Batman. If these two people pull out a hero, they can make a series of movies, not to mention compressing in a movie, of course, it must be enough. It is inevitable that the role of the drama will pave the way for this "dual protagonist". For ordinary viewers who are looking forward to the word "war", watching this kind of narrative method that pave the way for Superman and Batman, and the two-line jump narrative, will feel a little disappointed, but also because of this. It is difficult to attract the attention of the audience. If the audience wants to find the smooth and smooth feeling of the "Marvel Universe" series of movies in the movie, then they choose the wrong movie. 


  DC Comics and Marvel Comics are two major comic camps with their own superheroes. In front of Marvel movies led by superheroes such as "Iron Man" and "Captain America", DC took out the signature heroes Superman and Batman and just started to fight back. However, in front of the plot of the Marvel superhero movies, DC This movie of "is protracted and lengthy", which has "disappointed" some ordinary audiences. Marvel indeed redefines science fiction superhero movies, but no one stipulates that comics-based movies must follow the Marvel path. DC may have its own plans, and the movie’s name is "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", which means The heroes formed an alliance and began to fight evil. This is just the beginning. Master Wayne may say in a hoarse voice: Don’t worry, this is just the beginning, and he will star in the next two movies!  Mr. Lu Xun once said: Actually, there is no road on earth. If there are more people walking, it becomes a road. On the road of Marvel and DC's comic adaptation of the movie, who can have the last laugh depends on who gets through and becomes the way afterwards! It seems that Marvel makes more money. After all, the movie loses money, and the investors are not interested in continuing to shoot.  Who is the protagonist?  The author is not a die-hard fan of DC Comics, nor a fan of Marvel Comics. As a layman, the second film of the DC Extended Universe, as a layman, I can only watch the excitement and gossip who is the protagonist without responsibility. The style of the whole movie is almost completely dark, very in line with Batman's style, plus the screenwriter arranged several nightmares for Ben Affleck, which is almost Batman's dish. But what about Superman? Superman is also a hero? ! Don’t worry, the plot of this movie is followed by "Superman: Man of Steel". "Superman" was the absolute protagonist in the previous movie. Master Batman Wayne did not show up at all, but Superman smashed the master’s satellite. The fixed assets such as, building, etc. have also formed a "Liangzi" with the master, so even if Superman has a pitiful little scene in the first half of the movie "Batman Fights Superman: Dawn of Justice", it can be justified. The series of movies, why bother to compete in this drama?


  The protagonist in the whole movie seems to be Batman, but in the hearts of some viewers, "Wonder Woman" is even more eye-catching. This is a big beauty. Although the shots add up to be lost, they are all exceptional Mirror, even the charm of the master's deep voice was taken away by the starring Gal Gadot.  Wonder Woman Diana is the princess of the Amazon Kingdom. She is as beautiful as Venus, as smart as Athena, more agile than the messenger Mercury, and stronger than Hercules. She has two magic weapons, one is to make people honest. The noose that tells the truth, the other is the invulnerable bracelet. Wonder Woman is over 5,000 years old. As a messenger connecting the human world, she wanders through human society. When the day of destruction appears, when human society is facing crisis, she will meet the enemy with Chaobat. This is an introduction from some materials. It can be seen that Wonder Woman is also a charming character, and the selected character is very suitable and performed properly, and she is willing to be a green leaf in the movie of two machos. But if there are more red flowers, the green leaves will become overwhelming. So the author believes that although the movie is called "Batman v Superman", the three main characters do not account for much weight. Superman is because of the first movie, Wonder Woman is the reason for too few shots, and the bat The shaping of Xia is because the screenwriter and director want to pave the way for the entire series of movies, and they have packed too many things, resulting in the plot is too trivial, the characters are not prominent, and the protagonist’s sense of existence becomes weak. In addition, Batman’s attitude towards Superman changed too fast. After entangled with almost a whole movie, it was so simple and clear at the end, and the previous suspicions were cleared up with Superman, which made the audience somewhat unacceptable. This is also caused by the excessive fragmentation of Batman characters. . So who is the protagonist? No, the real protagonist is the new alliance of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other heroes that the director and screenwriter want to highlight.


  Scoring and box office  As of the time I finished the manuscript, more than 37,000 movie viewers on a movie promotion website gave the film an average score of 6.7. If you say that you have a 6-point pass, take this score home and your father will spank. But the success or failure of a movie is not only in the ratings of film critics and audiences, the box office is also a very important evaluation. The film’s domestic box office on the first day has exceeded 100 million. North America’s early box office on Thursday was US$27.7 million. The small win over Marvel’s "Avengers 2" Thursday’s early game was predicted to be US$145 million at the weekend box office. Last year, some organizations predicted that the box office of the film would exceed $2.5 billion, but based on my viewing experience, this record is difficult to achieve. As a small data reminder, Marvel's comic-based film "The Avengers" has a global box office of 1.51 billion US dollars, the third in film history, and won the semi-annual box office championship.  The audience's evaluation of "Batman vs. Superman" is seriously polarized. On the one hand, the first half of the film is too procrastinated and the plot has too much accumulation, leaving only 20 minutes of battle. Batman's transformation is too rapid, the plot is fragmented, and the film is not successful. On the other hand, he believes that director Zach Schneider lovingly contributed a comic adaptation of "the masterpiece", leaving a variety of foreshadowing and foreshadowing, including N many follow-up heroes appearing on the platform to help, looking forward to the future sequel. How do the major media in North America comment on this film? It is almost a bad comment. Although the box office momentum is very good now, it remains to be seen whether it can be maintained.  DC vs. Marvel  The name of the film is "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". In fact, the film is more like a movie prologue, and the real "Justice League" movie is also in the intense preparation stage. Similar to Marvel's "Avengers", "Justice League" is also a bunch of superheroes "getting together" to save the world, including Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and The Flash. Flash), Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman), Aquaman (Aquaman). This DC movie is regarded as the last chance to fight Marvel, because Marvel is going too fast, the third part of "Avengers" has been filmed, and DC has just opened its prologue. Similarly, we also have For reasons to look forward to the "Justice League" movie.  The author's friend claims to have a big brain: Superman vs. Iron Man. is it possible? These are superheroes in two settings, how can they fight together? Don't worry, it's really possible. From 2003 to 2004, DC Comics and Marvel Comics co-produced the publication "JLA/Avengers", which is a collaboration product of the Justice League and the Avengers. Maybe after the two major comic companies, DC and Marvel, have finished filming their valuable comic hero movies, there will really be "Avengers vs. Justice League" movies! But it takes a long time, because in front of the audience there are so many superheroes waiting to "cheat" the audience's money! 


  The collision of day and night  When it comes to day and night, one would think that they are two conflicting abnormal things. When there is night, there is no day, and day is the opposite of night. When the two collide, sparks are bound to burst, and one is out of control. This is true in the film. Batman and Superman are really hot enough in their decisive battle, highlighting the contradiction between the two, but both fight for justice, and the ultimate goal is the same and reconcilable. The same is true for day and night. In addition to the two, there are the sunrise and the evening transition. The two alternate and transform each other. The "day" matters are left to Superman, and the "night" matters are handled by Master Wayne. . Sunshine and darkness are not serious opposites. Both will exist. Where there is sunlight, there will be shadows. Batman and Superman cooperate with each other. This is what the audience wants to see, so the movie is worth watching, even if you are not two. Fans of the fans.  The collision of day and night, Superman vs. Batman, what are you waiting for? Why don't you go to the cinema to make waves!


I wasn't really excited about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in this film but he actually did a really good job of it. I found the entire film to be a bit absurd at times but overall, quite entertaining.