ETH's 2020 is to make all "Ethereum killers" kneel under their feet and become "Ethereum friends".

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To put it simply, look at the prices of public chains that are not compatible with ETH, especially EOS, TRX, Quantum Chain, and IOST which were once known as the Ethereum killer, and you will understand.

The new generation of several stellar public networks: Polkadot, Near, Solana, will be compatible with Ethereum EVM via Bridge.

What's even more exaggerated is that the Binance Smart Chain BSC and the upcoming Huobi public network have already tried their own solutions. Binance started using the Cosmos SDK and Huobi in collaboration with Nervos. In the end, the two of them chose Fork Ether. The wallet can directly use Metamask, the browser is exactly the same as Etherscan, the token price request and Uniswap info are also 100% re-engraved, the DApp migration only needs to change the code a little ...

Look at the big V adage:

"In any country, what is called financial modernization basically needs to do the following: 1. There is a central bank (such as the Federal Reserve); 2. A commercial bank; 3. The stock exchange; 4. Electronic payments (such as our UnionPay, credit card ) And Alipay etc.).
Every blockchain has realized decentralized electronic payments. But only Ethereum is replicating a decentralized central bank (MakerDao); decentralized commercial bank (Compound); and a decentralized stock exchange (uniswap).
Most chains now only have local currency and transfer functions, and there are several complete chains that issue Tokens (i.e. securities), let alone a central bank behind them. "

DeFi's popularity this year allowed ETH to find a completely different narrative from Asia in 2017. Although the price is only half of its 17-year high, whether it's the number of assets in the chain or the data called for in the contract, it has been compared to 17 years. With the exponential increase, the bubble brought by Aixiou has basically disappeared, and ETH is moving forward steadily one step at a time.

Regarding ETH, there are two things that need to be considered in 2021:

1. Rollup- V God has basically set the tone, ETH2.0's original sharding plan was "stored indefinitely", and the rollup was used for expansion.

2. EIP1559 - There is always a dream in the circle, which is a Token that can withdraw the king of BTC coins from the throne of market value. Currently, if a project is successful, then the probability is ETH. After all, the imagination that smart contracts carry will outweigh the store of value in the long run.

However, under the premise of this year's DeFi boom, ETH price growth appears to be slow. The basic reason is that the capture of ETH value for the DeFi ecosystem is too weak, and ETH itself does not have a value store function. EIP1559 has been introduced in many articles in vernacular before, so I won't be a bother anymore. In 2021, if the implementation of EIP1559 can be seen, I am sure that the price of ETH can go up again.

As for DeFi, Too much has been said. It is estimated that DeFi in 2021 will continue to expand from its current 6th generation products, including fixed rate lending, derivatives based on Rebase and Layer 2, and so on. You will see more projects in the traditional financial circles, especially "blockchainisasi" High finance, as well as the original project purer defi encrypted, and the latter is undoubtedly more worthy to be expected .

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